Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Last Day til Christmas

On the last day til Christmas...  we welcomed Christmas Eve nice and early rather than sleeping in. We needed a few things from the shops so we were on the road by 8am to beat the rush and try to get a car park. It was a success because we had no trouble parking and there really weren’t that many people about when we started our shopping. We were completely finished and back home just after 11am. I call that a very successful morning!

Early to rise!

Nice and healthy for breakfast...

Escaping the shops

My first trip on the new road to Beerwah

Dropped by Mum and Dad's quickly and said hi to Puss

I'm always seeing 11:11 by accident

Christmas carols

The rest of the day was fairly productive as I put away the washing, finished off some pesto pastries for tomorrow and made a healthy, sweet potato cake which turned out… okayish. I also had some downtime reading and drinking tea which was nice.

Later in the afternoon, Jeff went into the workshop to help his brother with his laptop and I went into town with Mum, Dad and Chris. We had dinner at the Power Boat Club with Uncle Greg and Aunty Jeanette (Jeff came over to join us for dinner) and then went for a drive looking at Christmas lights. We spent the rest of the night watching Carols by Candlelight and enjoying snacks that Jeanette made. Abbie wasn’t much in the mood for playing but we tried.

Carmen sized wine glass!

I finished off Christmas eve at home watching the ending of the carols and organising everything that we need to take with us tomorrow. Jeff got home a bit later and we opened our last advent present for the year. Jeff gave me an art set for painting and I got him bounty and Malteser spreads from the UK. What an awesome night!

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