Friday, December 16, 2016

The 9th Day til Christmas

On the 9th day til Christmas... unfortunately I’m still trying to get over this nasty sickness that I brought home from school. I had a really awful night’s sleep and woke up feeling yuck. After a few panidol and a cup of coffee, I was all set for a trip down to the airport at midday to pick up Chris. I pretty much slept on the trip down which wasn’t such a bad thing. The airport was busier than normal but I guess that’s Christmas time for you. We waited for Chris’s bags for ages and when they arrived we made a mad dash out of the airport.


For lunch, we stopped at McDonalds on the way home. Funny how when you’re not feeling 100% you just want to eat rubbish food. I’m sure it doesn’t help at all but it was nice anyway. I went back to Mum and Dad’s house to check out their new air conditioners. No more stinking hot days for them, they now have 3 brand new systems installed. Chris was pretty happy with the one installed in his bedroom!

Puss was happy to see Chris.

Dad dropped me home and I had a mini nap before Jeff and I both went back to Mum and Dad’s place and together we all went into the Caloundra Twlight Markets. We met Uncle Greg, Jeanette and Abbie in there and looked through the many stalls. Laree and Jason were performing so we dropped by to see them and watch them perform too.

Jason performing

Laree Hip Hop dancing


It was the perfect night for chips by the beach so that’s how we ended the night. The temperature was perfect and it wasn’t very windy at all. When we got home, it was my turn to open an advent present that Jeff bought me. He got me a portable filing system for school which will come in very hardy for my mountains of paper work next year!

Mum and Dad's lights

Looks nice from the front!

My big advent present

Just what I needed!

It’s hard to believe it’s already the 9th day til Christmas and that I’ve been on holidays a full week. I’m loving the time off though!
My futureMe letter arrived today so I'll need to sit down and write a new one for next year. If you don't know about FutureMe, google it. I love the idea!

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