Saturday, December 17, 2016

The 8th Day til Christmas

On the 8th day til Christmas... I had my laziest day yet. Lazy sounds terrible so I’m going to go with de-stress and relaxing day. Also, I seem to have kicked my cold so a day out must have done me some good.

Though it was relaxing, I was still up at 8am waiting for our groceries to be delivered. While I waited, I drank my coffee in front of the air conditioner and watched the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory. Howard and Bernadette welcome their…. baby (no spoilers) and Shelden and Amy celebrate her birthday. A long awaited episode which was really well done.

 After our groceries arrived and I put everything away where it belongs, I got some washing done and on the line. It was actually a really hot day so everything dried quickly. I was also very grateful for our air conditioner after being outside at the washing line. I’m already beginning to think ‘how did I live without this for so long?’. Hopefully it just makes me appreciate it even more.


For a change, I ordered a mixed fruit box to see what it was like.

The rest of the day was spent eating whatever I wanted, reading, watching TV and having a nap (which really shouldn’t be called a nap because it went on for hours). Again, not lazy just relaxing, getting well. It was blissful! I never want the holidays to end.

I cooked dinner and migrated to the lounge room for a movie marathon night. First up was Frozen (can you believe I’ve never seen it until tonight? I know all the songs though). Even Jeff enjoyed watching it. Second movie was Matilda and I made cinnamon French toast to munch on while we watched it.

Jeff's advent present was while chocolate truffles.


All in all, the 8th day was spent hidden away from the world in my icy cool house and it was perfect.

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