Sunday, December 18, 2016

The 7th Day til Christmas


On the 7th day til Christmas... it was Sunday which means we were off to church. This morning Ps Paul preached about being wise in today’s society. He spoke on knowing God’s word because that will lead and help us to make wise decisions in all aspects of our lives. He also spoke on the true meaning of Christmas. Of course we know that Jesus wasn’t actually born on December 25th but it’s a day the whole world stops to celebrate this wondrous miracle which I truly believe in. I am completely fine with people having different beliefs about this holiday season but it does make me feel a little disappointed to see the true meaning taken over by other things. At the very least, Christmas should focus on family, friends, love, joy and peace. I hope that if you are reading this that you have a Christmas filled with all things wonderful and special.
Gracie decided that during church today she would collect every hymn book she could find and dump them in my lap. I had a nice little collection happening by the end of the service. I love seeing Gracie being involved in the church as she grows up. She gives to the offering, joins in with the singing and understands that we read from our bible. She too little to understand what is being said but that will come with time. Her Mum and Dad are faithful in making sure she is there each week involved in the church, which I just love.


We finished off church with a nice upbeat hymn before heading over to the shops for lunch. Bunny’s Dumplings have opened a shop in the food court at Kawana so that’s what we had. You should totally check it out one day, really nice dumplings. Uncle Jeff kept Gracie entertained with a balloon for the whole lunch time. She had the best fun!
Waiting for our food

Friend rice, yum!


We picked up a few food items before heading home to our much loved air conditioner. For the first time today I tried Egg Nog (not the real stuff with alcohol but a chocolate one). I wasn’t sure I’d actually like it but it’s really good! The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and napping…. Again. This time I slept until 6:30pm opps!
Chocolate Egg Nog and Salted Caramel Shortbread.


I made Indian for dinner and settled in to watch Home Alone, a Michael Buble special and Woolworths Carols in the Domain. I also did a bit more Christmas present wrapping. Does it ever end?

Tonight was my advent present and I got this beautiful glass dome with LED lights!

First mango of the season!


Already it’s the 7th day til Christmas, can’t believe it! Need to get more Christmas carols in while it’s acceptable!

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