Thursday, December 22, 2016

The 4th Day til Christmas

On the 4th day til Christmas... at last it was Gold Coast holiday time!! Because we’re crazy, we got up extra early and finished off the lawn mowing before leaving. It took us 22 minutes to get it done which I’m sure is some kind of record. (Though I had already done some yesterday.) After showers and throwing a last few things in our bags, we were off and with perfect timing it would seem. Just as we were carrying all our bags down the steps to the car, the mail delivery lady dropped by with a package… my very last Christmas present. Perfect timing, couldn’t have been better and it’s for you Miss Gracie!!
Nicely mown just in time for Christmas

We opened 2 advent presents because we'll be away. Jeff gave me the singing mouse and I gave him the snorkelling set.

We were on the road, heading towards the Gold Coast and our first stop was McDonalds for breakfast and a VERY much needed latte. I tried their new chocolate chip pancakes which were okay but I wouldn’t rave about them. We were back on the road again and had a smooth trip the rest of the way. We arrived with great timing as both rooms were ready.
Chocolate Chip pancakes

What a view!
Jeff and I spent the rest of the afternoon snorkelling in the big salt water lagoon which was a beautiful temperature. A storm was beginning to roll in so it was a little bit overcast and protected us from the harsh sun. It’s so peaceful just floating in the water and letting life pass you by.

After our relaxing afternoon we finished off the day with a family dinner at the restaurant here called Citrique. Everyone agreed that the food was amazing and we ended with a dessert buffet. Coconut icecream, mini Nutella chocolate mousse, crème brulie and so much more! I’m so glad I survived another teaching year just for this feast! It was nice to just take our time, relax and watch the storm roll by as we ate and drank together.


Mum, Dad and Chris went back to their room and Jeff and I decided that a quiet walk and explore of the resort would be nice. There was no one down by the pools because it was stormy so we could take our time. We came back inside and explored the absolutely stunning Christmas decorations that filled the grand staircase and upstairs ballrooms. I don’t think I’d recognise this place without all the Christmas decorations and I think it’s what makes it so special to me.
View from our room of the storm


We ended our first night at the Marriot watching Captain America – Civil War, not my kind of movie but Jeff enjoyed it and I fell asleep!! The 4th day was nice to just take some time to ourselves and stop for a little bit.


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