Friday, December 23, 2016

The 3rd Day til Christmas

On the 3rd day til Christmas... we woke up at 8am with a day of snorkelling and relaxing by the pool to look forward too. First off we enjoyed the buffet breakfast downstairs and I’m pretty sure Jeff polished off all the pastries they have to offer. (Just kidding, though he did eat about 5 of them.)

Dad ate a lot.... hehe, we left him with all our plates!

When we’d finished breakfast it was up to our rooms for a little while before heading down to the large salt water lagoon. We all had a go at snorkelling and chasing the fish around the pool. It’s actually quite deep, no way could I dive down to the bottom but Dad got pretty close.


The wind picked up a bit around 2pm so we went back to Mum and Dad’s room for some snacks for lunch. Everyone else decided to take a nap or read but Jeff and I went back down to the pools. This time we went in the big whirlpool (which unfortunately had been turned off for the day) and rock caves. The water was the perfect temperature but the wind was freezing and we had to keep ourselves under the water as much as possible. They also have a mini water slide so we had a few goes on that too. Getting out was freezing but we raced back up to our room and spent the rest of the afternoon having a HUGE bubble bath. Imagine the mess we made, bubbles everywhere in the bathroom. But it was so good!

I met a water dragon on my way down to the pool. He didn't really care about me.

We watched the staff setup this party by the pool.

For dinner we went back down to the hotel’s restaurant for a family dinner. Our waiter told us he sold Japanese calligraphy at the markets so he asked me to write my name down and came back a while later with my name writing in Japanese calligraphy. It was even laminated! Dinner was nice but dessert was even better!!! I’m going to need to go on a major diet after Christmas.


We had a walk around the hotel lobby and upstairs after dinner and enjoyed all the decorations. It’s such a beautiful place at this time of the year and I couldn’t take enough photos!! Back at our room, I got stuck into the movie channel and watched Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. I remember watching it at school when I was little so it was nice to see it made into a proper film. I also tried to watch Florence Foster Jenkins but it was well after midnight by that point and I fell asleep.


What a day, the holidays are going WAY too fast!

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