Friday, December 23, 2016

The 2nd Day til Christmas

On the 2nd day til Christmas... we woke up to another amazing buffet breakfast at the Marriot. All we seem to be doing is eating so I couldn’t fit quite as much food in today. My favourite, the waffles and pancakes with their delicious cream which I’m sure is incredibly bad for me! We had a beautiful view of the salt water lagoon pool while we ate as well, breakfast in paradise! Mum, Dad and I took a walk around the pools before heading back to our rooms. 

The ceiling in the restaurant. 

This gingerbread house was HUGE and we're pretty sure it was fully gingerbread!

When breakky was finished, it was time to pack up and check out. I felt like this holiday went SO fast and I could really have done with another day or two by the pool. We checked out and made the long drive home. It took over 2 and half hours to get back because of the traffic on the highway at this time of the year.

We had a little visitor drop by too.

The afternoon was spent unpacking and washing clothes (sorry, no way to make that sound exciting) and wrapping a few more presents. Jeff and I were considering a trip down to Chermside for all night shopping but we were both just too exhausted. We opted for a night at home eating nachos and drinking non-alcoholic egg nog. It’s sad but because we’re getting old, we were in bed at 11pm and that’s how the 2nd day ended! 

My advent present was a sketch book and a book or how to draw animals.  

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