Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The 12 Days of Christmas 2016

It's time for the 12 days til Christmas posts so here we go....

On the 12th day til Christmas... I was awake at a very unusual time for me, 4:30am. I've had a small, summer cold bugging me since Friday and this morning it decided to interrupt my sleep. I slept on and off until 8am and eventually fell back into a deeper sleep. Of course, my alarm decided to go off half an hour later and ruined any chance of my restful sleep continuing, how frustrating.

Photographic proof that I was awake at 4:30am

 Mum picked me up at 9:40am and we drove into get  a haircut for Christmas. If you know me, you'll already know what my haircut looks like but I've added a photo anyway because I just love them! After a few jobs, we met Dad at the local Bakery for lunch. I've been looking forward to a leisurely lunch at the bakery with Mum and Dad since the middle of term 4 school term. It's nice to be on holidays with very few places to be or things to do.
Crocodile bread


Once I got back home, I spent the afternoon in air-conditioned comfort ordering our online groceries from Coles. (Did I mention, we have an air conditioner now?!) I'm working on creating a photo book of our travels from June/July but I couldn't get the website to load for some reason so I spent the rest of the afternoon watching youtube.

I indulged in the relaxed, slow paced afternoon and cooked homemade cannelloni for dinner. The best part about holidays is being able to enjoy cooking again. I simply don't have enough time during a school term for much cooking or baking.

The night time was very quiet except a quick drive into Jeff's workshop to pick up some items for a job and I finished off the night with chocolate pudding and a cup of Harrod's Earl Grey tea.
It's been a slow start to my 12 days til Christmas (the slowest ever) but I'm enjoying not having much to do and also hanging out for this disgusting cold to go away.

We lit up our house again this year.

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