Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The 11th Day til Christmas

On the 11th day til Christmaswe started our day in the most exciting way, a visit to the dentist for Jeff and the eye specialist for me. At least we got those boring jobs out of the way. Between appointments, we had lunch at the Silva Spoon Tea House at Cotton Tree. If you love tea, I highly recommend having a visit. I had a London Fog Tea which was Earl Grey with lavender over frothed milk, yum! In fact, we enjoyed it so much that after my eye appointment we dropped back in and got a take away drink each… Mochatella (latte with Nutella).

Tea tasting

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Gracie and Dana while they had a swim (and I might have not realised how deep the pool steps were and got a little bit wetter than intended).
We did lots of playing, had a nap and ate dinner at Jeff’s parent’s house. For the first time tonight, Gracie said Aunty Carmen which was super cute. She also said Merry Christmas which was even cuter!!

Jeff, Jason, Rhonda, Laree, Dana, Gracie, Misty and I all spent the evening driving around looking at Christmas lights. We found a street that was spectacular and must have taken such a long time for each house to look so good. My favourite part of the night was seeing the look on Gracie’s face when she looked at all the lights. She was amazed!   

Thanks 11th day, you’ve been great!

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