Thursday, September 15, 2016

Last Day in London

Our last day in London was here & we still had lots we wanted to see. We spent the morning looking for White Malteser powder for Jeff to take home & sending postcards which we will beat home. 

I'd been trying all week to visit Trafalgar Square & today we made it. The square itself was closed off for an event but I could walk all around it & take photos. We found a nice cafe near by for croissants & coffee (chai for Jeff).

Trafalgar Square

The National Gallery 

If I ever visit London again, I'm going on the cupcake tour bus!

Cute window flowers

The last tour of our trip was to Windsor Castle & at 1:30pm we got on a coach to travel 1 hour & 15 minutes to see it. I'm so glad we went as Windsor castle is definitely a highlight for me. The castle & gardens are beautiful & the chapel on the grounds is breathtaking. I think I was even more impressed with it than Notre Dame. Our audio guide described midnight mass at Christmas in the chapel & I could just imagine how special it would be. Especially with their choir singing and maybe a little snow falling. 

We toured the Royal staterooms where we couldn't take photos. The rooms are huge & grand. Gold & finery everywhere. I could have spent much longer looking around but we were on a set time to get back to the bus. We also saw where the Queen lives & has her royal parties. Jeff also had his picture with one of the Queen's guards. I could definitely go back to Windsor castle again someday, it was really interesting.

Windsor Castle chocolate!!!!

When we arrived back in London, we went to China Town for a final dinner with Laree & Jason before leaving in the morning. We had such fun & even fit in a quick shopping trip to ASDA for Jeff to buy 6 packets of white chocolate Malteser powder to take home. Back at home, Laree & I played  Tetris with our bags until 3am so that we could take some of their winter stuff home to pack away. 

Sunny day in London

My farewell college 

Just another tube stop

The Tube!

Last solo trip

We ate dinner here on our first night in London

Another Chinese restaurant we ate at. 

Just standing in China Town in London!!

Vegetarian duck?!?!

Final London dinner

Heading to the Underground

Happy times for Jeff!!

With only 2 hours sleep we were up, getting ready to leave. We made it to the airport in good time & all our bags went through at the correct weight with no problems. It was sad to say goodbye to Laree & Jason but we look forward to seeing them in a few months when they come home. 

The British version of Weet-bix... actually really nice!

Packing the car

Leaving London with another bright, sunny day!

Waving goodbye at security.

Disaster struck at security when they pulled us aside because of liquids in our bag. We had packed a jar of white chocolate spread & Malteser spread which apparently you can't take on board. The security guy was really friendly but Jeff was devastated that he had to leave them behind. I thought he was going to grab them & run lol! Laree is going to post some over for him thank goodness. 

Our flight was delayed by a few hours due to a refueling problem. Apparently someone forgot to arrange the fuel truck for our flight... go figure!  This meant our Singapore stop over was much shorter than originally planned. I found the 2nd flight the hardest as our seats were in the middle, I was tired & pretty much over the food. We also had a lot of turbulence. Many movies later, a bit of uncomfortable sleep and quite a bit of untouched food... we landed in Brisbane!

Our home for 14 hours.

I was rather over the food at this point.

Hot towels

Landing in Singapore

Almost home

Singapore airport

After many months of planning, a whirlwind holiday and some very long flights, it felt so surreal to be arriving back home and our adventure coming to an end. In saying that, I was also very happy to be arriving home to my own house, bed and amazing coffee!! 

We walked through duty free and customs in a complete daze and managed not to fall asleep in line to collect our bags. To get through the Australian boarder control you had to place your passport down on a little machine reader which would then identify your face using a camera in front of you. Unfortunately it only worked once glasses were removed. I stood in front of the camera unaware of my gate being open for quite some time before Jeff informed the very nice policeman that I couldn't see a thing! He carefully guided me through with a grin on his face... opps! 

We collected all of our bags and were greeted by Mum and Dad waiting in arrivals for us. They helped us to the car and we shared lots of our adventures with them on our way to McDonald's for a quick dinner. While we were away I learnt just how much I appreciate our country and all that we have in it. I was pretty excited to get my first coffee with real milk in quite a long time!

Collecting our bags in Brisbane!!!!

Mum and Dad spoiled us as we arrived home to all the foods we love, Noosa chocolate and Tea Drop tea. Dad had mowed our lawn and Mum took all of our clothes to wash and iron. Boy it was nice to be home!! 

It was the most incredible adventure I have ever had and I will never forget everything that I saw and experienced in those 18 days away with my wonderful husband. Every place we visited left in impact on me but I particularly fell in love with London and hope to someday visit again and experience even more!!

Europe Trip 
Wednesday 22nd June - Sunday 10th July 2016