Friday, August 19, 2016

Sensational Santorini

Our Rome airport experience was much better. Check in was quick and smooth. and security didn't take long either. When it was time to board, everyone was put on a bus and driven over to where the plane was waiting. I wasn't so sure about this flight as it was a smaller, cheaper looking plane and there's nothing like a safety demonstration in a foreign language to put you on edge before take off. They did feed us though, something sweet or something salty were the options given. I think I had salty breadstick crackers.

Bus taking us to the plane

Feels a bit dodgy!

The view was stunning!

This was from the plane as we were landing. I can zoom in and actually see our hotel room and spa.

On landing we got back on a stand up bus & we're taken to the terminal. Santorini airport is very small & we waited quite a while for our bag to come out. Jason was waiting for us in the arrivals area & took us to the tiny car we had all hired for the 2 days to get around the island.

Arriving at our accommodation was exciting, right on the beach. We stayed at the Nissia apartments in Kamari & I would recommend them to anyone heading to Santorini for a holiday. We had our own room per couple, a huge shower & a private spa out the front. There was also a pool right out the front of our apartment & that was Jeff's & my view each morning.

Together we explored a few shops & walked on the black pebble beach. We are so lucky in Australia to have such beautiful, soft sand. Mainly we spent the afternoon sitting around the spa, soaking up the Santorini lifestyle, having drinks & eating cheese.

The black pebbles.... no sand.

We look sooooo touristy here!

Cats and dogs everywhere.

I'm not much of a drinker so tea for me, with REAL milk!!!!


I made some friends too.

Just like everywhere else we've been, the sunsets so late in Santorini. It was 10pm before we knew it so we headed off for our first Greek dinner. We had a feast each, a platter of mixed Greek foods, dessert & a drink. I couldn't finish even half but it was delicious!!!

Night time is just as beautiful.

So much food for one person.

A few things I noticed while in Santorini was that the planes landing path was right over where we stayed. They flew in so low that even I could read the names on the tail of the plane. Also the island is full of random cats & dogs. I made lots of friends.

The next morning we enjoyed our first breakfast on the island. Breakfast was included in our apartment & we were surprised to find out it was a 2 course breakfast with fresh orange juice & tea or coffee. It was so beautiful relaxing by the beach eating breakfast.

Seriously, that view!!!

I'm hoping this still happens when we get home ;)

While we had the car, we drove up to Thira which is 15 minutes away, to explore the city on the edge of the cliff. White buildings, blue roof tops & panoramic views met us in Thira. It was like the front of a postcard everywhere we looked. We just let ourselves get lost among the streets & shops & explored all we could. I even did some shopping too. We ended our visit to Thira with birthday cocktails for Laree & Jason at a cliff edge bar. It was stunning!!

We drove back home & relaxed by the spa for a bit before getting ready for our dinner date in Orie. It was a bit of a mission but we found our restaurant, Sunsets which is up about as high as you can go to watch the sunset over Santorini. The view was breathtaking & dinner tasted amazing. Everyone clapped just as the sun had set & so many people were stood underneath us on the paths to watch. After dinner we had to google maps our way back to the car because it was quite confusing getting back & very dark. Such a special night that none of us will be forgetting anytime soon.

Day 3 in Santorini started with another amazing 2 course breakfast & afterwards Laree, Jeff & I had our feet nibbled at by tiny fish. It's a type of spa treatment & was very odd. It ticked & I laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes.

At 1pm we were picked up & taken to our boat cruise. Our bus driver was either crazy or a VERY good driver. He backed down a HUGE hill right on the side of a cliff at normal speed to get us to the meeting point. Everyone onboard gave him a clap when we stopped. We sailed, swam & snorkelled in the Mediterranean Sea. Just to clarify, I was under the impression that the Mediterranean Sea was lovely & warm... I was wrong.  I braved the crystal clear waters for a swim & snorkel but it was so cold that I just couldn't catch my breath. We didn't stay in the water for more than 20 minutes at a time but our time in the sea was amazing & I even saw fish!

New friends me made on our cruise.

The rest of the cruise was spent eating delicious Greek food & the best dessert I've had in Santorini (baklava & apple slices with cinnamon). We also lay on the nets at the front of the boat & had a relax/nap. Our boat pulled up & we watched the sunset over Santorini for the 2nd time.

When we arrived home, we sat in the spa for a bit, then got ready & went out for pizza. I had 3 pina coladas (not real) on our holiday & the one at the pizza place tasted the best. On our way back to the apartment, Jeff & I explored the shops & Jeff found white chocolate Toblerome & White chocolate Crunch... He was thrilled.

Best mocktail yet.

Midnight snack

Day 4 was our chilling out day. I ate breakfast, got in the spa. I got out & had an amazing Greek salad for lunch & got back in the spa. Laree & I had real pina colads in the spa & eventually I got out to get ready for dinner. I'd say I spent a good 6 or 7 hours soaking in the spa. My perfect day on holidays. We had a really nice Greek dinner followed up by waffles. They were huge waffles, I had Nutella & banana, yum!!

Morning coffee (cold because it was hot outside.)

Pretty much my whole day.

Our last day in Santorini was kicked off with another amazing, 2 course breakfast by the beach. We all agreed we would miss this part the most. We then headed back to our apartment to organise bags for the airport.

It was really sad saying goodbye to Santorini. It's such a beautiful, relaxing place & I would recommend it to anyone.

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