Monday, August 22, 2016

London 2nd Last Day

Our 2nd last day in London found us on a tube & bus heading to Harrods. Every single room in Harrods is different & very grand. I enjoyed admiring each room as we wandered through looking for somewhere to eat. We stopped at a beautiful cafe for Cream Tea - a pot of tea each & 2 huge, fluffy scones with clotted cream & strawberry jam. How very English! It was divine & exactly what I'd been dreaming of having. 

We did a little bit of shopping at Harrods, then moved on to Hyde Park. We walked through beautiful Hyde Park to the lake & hired out a paddle boat. It was the perfect way to enjoy the park & see the ducks & swans on the lake. We couldn't believe how lucky we are, blue sky & sunshine again! The rest of our time in Hyde Park was spent on the grass eating lunch & sharing the most amazing Nutella waffles I've ever eaten. If you ever go to Hyde Park, have the waffles beside the boat house!! So good!

We continued walked on until we found Kensington Palace. We didn't have much time so it was just a brief look inside & out before moving on. 

We were meeting Laree & Jason at Sky Garden for cocktails & started  navigating our way there. Unfortunately we put the wrong place into our GPS & ended up heading in completely the wrong direction which made us very late. By some kind of miracle, Sky Garden had a private function on, so when we arrived at 7pm it was perfect timing to line up & head up. We couldn't have planned it better. 

Sky garden is a bar on the 35 floor, overlooking the whole city. It also has a beautiful garden growing all around the top floor. We drank fancy cocktails (mocktails for me) and shared a cheese platter. It was the perfect way to spend our afternoon.

Getting lost was okay, I got to visit Paddington station

We experienced rush hour on the tube....argh!

Regent Street.. another Monopoly street. 

Laree & Jason wanted to show us one of their other favourite places called Cahoots. It's a themed bar of an old style underground train station. The waiters are all dressed up & to get in you have to say 'I'm here to see the Captain'. We had another drink & something to eat at this place too. 

We walked home via Piccadilly Circus & saw all the big screens on the main part. It still gets me, standing in a place that I'm familiar with from television. Such a surreal experience. 

We caught the train back home & headed off to bed ready for our last day in London before our holiday is over.

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