Sunday, August 21, 2016

Back to London

We were a bit worried at the Santorini airport as our carry on bags were all a bit over the weight limit. We moved things around & had pretty much accepted our fate of paying for more luggage. When we checked in no one weighed our carry on & we were thrilled!! We sat around the hot, sticky airport until our flight & all boarded a stand up bus to be taken to our plane. 

Santorini airport is very small, as is the runway. Take off kind of felt like being flung into the air very fast, but we survived it. I spent the 3 & half our flight writing about our Santorini holiday & snacking on Kinda chocolate & tea. 

Hello again London!

After picking up our bag we set off on the journey back to Laree & Jason's place via train & bus. It was not fun. Lugging our heavy bags onto trains, across crowded station platforms & into buses is not easy but eventually we made it back. 

Jeff holding our huge, heavy bag on his lap on the train.

Even though Jeff & I were both really tired, we decided to make the most if being in London. We headed out on our first solo trip in London to have dinner in China town. It was delicious & we didn't even get lost in our travels. We fell into bed & we're asleep in seconds after another long day. 

Our first solo tube trip.

Of course we ended up in China town

Wednesday we were out the door by 10am & went to Buckingham Palace to see changing of the guards. We arrived early but were still at the back of the crowd. As we stood there trying to see over everyone, people started to move about & I got pushed right to the front with a perfect view. It was really interesting watching the soldiers & Royal band. 

For breakfast/lunch we found the cutest little cafe near the Palace, which was full of cute tea sets & decorations. Jeff found his first chai latte too. 

It was soon time for us to navigate ourselves to West End to see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. The show was excellent & the staging was very clever. The theatre was full of school child on excursion so when Charlie held up his golden ticket all of the children gasped & shout 'it's a golden ticket'. It was very effective & gave me a laugh. 

After the show we decided to see if we could find North Gower St - aka Baker St. The outside street they use to film the TV series Sherlock. It was super simple to find & is surprisingly small. Very cool to stand at it in person!

No one was home...!

Next was a 2nd trip to M & M world where I think we bought out almost the whole store. Our bag was very heavy & we had to carry it all the way to the South Bank ready for our London Eye ride. I was thrilled to at last get on the Eye & have a birds eye view of the Thames, Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster & so much more. I really enjoyed the ride & the 4D experience afterwards was pretty cool too. 

Yay, I made it to the London Eye at last!!

We had dinner at the South Bank at an Italian restaurant. The pasta wasn't all that good but then we have now had pasta in Italy so we're a bit spoilt. We sat by the Thanes eating  frozen yoghurt for dessert before heading back home. 

I discovered that I loved catching the tube & buses. The public transport in London is so good & it made it really simple to get around. 

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