Monday, July 11, 2016

Our First Overseas Adventure

I planned to write and post my blog posts while we were away overseas for everyone to read, however we were busy from the moment we woke up (early almost every day), until the moment our heads hit the pillow at night time. I wrote most of these posts when flying between countries and I would dearly like to share them with you but also I want a record of my travels.

I won’t lie, after saying goodbye to our Poppy at his funeral on the Tuesday, it was incredibly difficult to leave my family and travel the world the very next day. But it was an experience that I will never forget and has changed my outlook on life and where we live.

As of yet, I am unsure if I’ve caught the travel bug but I do hope we will travel again someday and see some new places. Maybe even re-visit where we have been because there is always so much more to see and do.

I hope if you are reading these posts that you enjoy them and maybe they inspire you to do a little travelling if you haven’t already done so. Enjoy!

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LC said...

Your trip overseas looks amazing! I' ve never been overseas yet either but it looks fun and although a tiring time, an adventure. I'm sorry for the loss of your Pop..I lost mine too a week and a half ago so I can understand how you must have felt when you then had to go on your trip. Lots of emotions.Take care..