Friday, July 15, 2016

London Part 1 - Saturday

Saturday morning, we were up early again and heading off to Bath and Stonehenge for the day. It was really nice seeing the English country side as Laree and Jason drove us to Bath as our first stop.
England has tiny milk but it's fresh so it's okay!

Jeff and I went for an audio tour of the Roman Baths and we’re amazed by all of the history and ancient ruins we were able to see and walk through. We could actually see how warm the water was as in some places as steam came off it and in other spots you could actually see the water bubbling. We were also able to taste the water and it was very salty and warm. On the way back to the car it started to rain and we had to make a mad dash through Bath so we didn’t get soaked.

What they think it might have looked like

Ancient Ruins

Steam coming off the water.

Taste testing

Next stop was Stonehenge. We arrived at the visitor centre and caught a bus to the rock formation. Stonehenge was the coldest place I think we went on our whole holiday. Laree let me borrow her big coat and I really needed it against the wind. Again we had an audio guide to teach us all about the history of Stonehenge. It’s really interesting that even Scientists don’t know why and how the rocks came to be where they are. They do believe though that they were designed as a type of calendar and way to tell the time and seasons. I also found it interesting to see how Stonehenge has changed over the years as the rocks have fallen away. After the tour we had the most amazing hot chocolate in the cafĂ© which was much needed after being in the cold wind.

A model of what Stonehenge might have looked like.

Jason had a show on that night so he dropped us off at the train station a bit closer to London and we caught the tube home. After a busy few days, it was nice to stay at home and we ordered pizza for dinner. I also organised our bags ready for the next part of our adventure – Paris, Rome and Santorini.   

Sunday morning, we dropped all our suitcases off at the train station and caught the tube to Camden Markets for lunch and shopping. The variety of food at the markets is amazing and you can taste test pretty much anything. Laree and I found a cute little dress shop and went a bit crazy. I walked away with four dresses and a skirt. Jeff found a nice Chinese T-shirt at another shop and he also bought a set of virtual reality glasses.

Harry Potter Plateform

Iced Coffee yum!

The boys waiting patiently for us trying on dresses.

Crazy clothes too!

Jeff's new toy!

I could have easily spent the whole day at Camden Markets but we just didn’t have the time. Maybe if we visit London again we will set aside a whole day. Before leaving London we also saw the Harry Potter train station, platform 9 and 3 quarters. You could have your photo taken with a Harry Potter scarf and wand but it was really busy so we settle on just having a look before catching the Eurostar to Paris.

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