Thursday, July 14, 2016

London Part 1 - Friday

Despite our long flight and travels, we were still up fairly early for our first full day in London. It was Friday and Laree started us off with croissants with egg and avocado for breakfast.

Laree took the day off work to show up around the city and make sure we didn’t get completely lost on our first day. We jumped on a double decker bus and travelled to Buckingham Palace for our first stop. It’s a very odd feeling standing in front of such a famous place. Of course lots of photos were taken and we threw coins in the fountain out the front of the Palace. (On a side note, it might have taken Laree 2 tries to get her coin in the fountain lol!) We were also very fortunate because the royals actually came out the gates in their cars and carriages while we were there. We aren’t really sure who it was but it looked like Kate might have been in the car.

Buckingham Palace

The guards on duty

Fountain out the front of the palace

Royals leaving the palace

The royal carriage

Buckingham Palace

Group shot!

 Next we went on a tour of Westminster Abbey which is such a beautiful place. We had an audio guide so we could make our way around the Abbey at our own leisure. I learnt so much and didn’t realise so many famous people were either buried on commemorate at the Abbey. Again it was so weird standing in a place I’d seen on TV for the royal wedding.
Westminster Abbey

Lighting a candle

Sneaky photo of the beautiful ceiling


Very beautiful place

And we were off again, this time to The Tower of London. Our tour guide was fantastic, really entertaining and gave us lots of interesting information. I was rather taken back with how brutal it was back then and how people saw all the violence as entertainment. I also enjoyed seeing the guards marching and it’s true, they will not smile or acknowledge you. We also saw the crown jewels up close and wow, just wow! Diamonds and gold galore! After leaving the Tower of London, we dropped by the Tower Bridge to take some photos. It’s certainly a beautiful bridge!
Outside the Tower of London

Ready to enter

Our tour guide was awesome

Guards marching

Tower Bridge

With so much to see and do, we had forgotten to plan in lunch and it was well after 5pm. We stopped by a chip shop and had hot chips the British way, in a newspaper cone with mayonnaise. Maybe we were just starving but they were pretty freakin awesome chips!!

Laree wanted to take us to the Sky Garden for a drink but we weren’t dressed well enough to go up (those English and their fancy shoes) so we decided to have dinner because chips were just not enough after all the walking we’d been doing. We went to a typical English pub and had a view right out the window of the Tower Bridge. It was SOOOO good to just sit and eating for a while. We had certainly fit a lot into the first day.
Our view, couldn't be better.

This was vegetarian wellington - cheese and mushroom pie with veggie gravy. So good!

After dinner (yes it might be light out but it was definitely after 7pm), we caught a bus to Piccadilly to visit M & M World. This became one of my favourite places and we discovered the personalised M & Ms. We spent hours looking around and buying way too much stuff. Jason even rang to check we were all okay because it was after 10pm and we weren't home yet.
M & M World

What is your M & M colour

With very tired feet, we travelled back to Laree and Jason’s place and fell into bed. What a day!

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