Monday, July 11, 2016

Travelling and Arriving in London

Here Begins the Big Adventure

Car packed and about to head off to the airport for the big flight. 

As I'm typing this, I am sitting on our second Singapore Airlines flight over to London. We are a little under half way into the big 14 hour flight and have already travelled 8 hours from Brisbane and landed in Singapore. So far, it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be but sitting still for so long and not being able to sleep lying down is really starting to get to me. I can't wait to sleep in a real bed tonight.

About to fly out of Brisbane

Our first overseas flight

I needed a little drink to sleep... though I'm lucky if I drank even half of that. 

Singapore Airport

The biggest goldfish I've ever seen. 

Custard buns and iced milk tea.

The butterfly garden at dawn.

So pretty in the butterfly garden

At dawn we saw a few butterflies. 

Waiting for our 14 hour flight to London.

All the tankers as we few out of Singapore airport. 

So much food on the flights. 

Watching how far until we land. 

18 hours in.... get me off this plane!!

Blue skies, nothing but blue skies. 

Singapore was the first country (other than Australia) that Jeff and I have ever been too but we didn't have enough time to leave the airport. In our short time there we visited the butterfly garden, saw huge goldfish, ate custard buns, looked through the electronics and lolly shops and had a quick power nap in their relaxation area.

We arrive in London at 3:15pm UK time which is in about 7 and half hours. It feels very strange that it's late afternoon in Australia (sunset) and yet it's fully daytime outside our plane window. Crazy timezones!

7 hours later!

We arrived at London airport feeling pretty dazed and made our way through customs and picked up our bags. Heathrow airport is massive and we thought we'd never make it out to the front. Also I was pretty excited to get my first passport stamp! We had a bit of trouble finding Laree and Jason because we had no phones and again the airport is so big. Eventually we saw them (or by them I mean their pink and purple 'Welcome to London Jeff and Carmen' signs). We felt very special getting a welcome like that. It was also a bit of a mission getting out of the airport as we were in a totally different terminal to where Laree and Jason parked but we managed to escape.

Flying into London

Signs that Laree and Jason made us. 

Our greeting at Heathrow

We drove back to their place watching the English rain and the sights of London pass us by (eeeekkk, London Eye in person!!!) It was basically a drop the bags, quick shower and back out the door to travel on the tube to China Town for dinner. Dinner was delicious and after, we travelled on the double decker bus to see the city by night. I cannot get over the fact that it's still light at 10pm. It's a very odd feeling and makes you stay up really late. It's also the reason that we dealt with the jet lag so well, we didn't get to bed til after midnight and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Vauxhall Bridge - our first glimpse at the London Eye 

Crazy London drivers!!

First night dinner in China Town

Our feast

8:30pm at night and it's light!

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben and red double decker bus

The beautiful London Eye at night

Big Ben and parliament

It was absolutely beautiful walking around the city of London at night and so exciting seeing all the sights I've seen on TV for so long. We were so happy to see Laree and Jason again (it's been like 2 years) and so grateful to them for letting us stay with them and being the best tour guides ever!!!!

China Town

The famous red phone boxes

Fun times

Big Ben and the Eye

Good timing, 2 red buses and the London Eye

Laree and Jason

London is magical at night

Group shot!

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T'lia said...

Glad your journey got off to such a great start! Those long haul flights can be a bit of pain!