Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Last Day til Christmas

On the last day til Christmas I woke up excited for one of my favourite days of the year! Christmas eve is filled with exciting anticipation and is perhaps even better than Christmas day itself. We finished off our wonderful Gold Coast holiday with a leisurely breakfast in the hotel restaurant where I enjoyed those delicious waffles again. We packed up our things and check out but not before I snapped a few photos of their beautiful Christmas decorations.

Jeff at breakfast

Banana waffles

The roads are so crazy at this time of year so it took a while to get home with a pit stop into Woolworths which was hectic. Stay away from the shops people!! When we made it home I unpacked and made lunch before we zipped back out to the shops (broke my own rule) and into the workshop to pick up some things.

Last advent presents we received from each other.

I was feeling really tired when we got back home and had a quick power nap before it was time to cook dinner. The weather today has been rainy and cool so it’s perfect sleeping weather. Jeff and I had a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner together surrounded by candles, our Christmas lights and background Christmas music. After dinner I waited for the Christmas carols to start by watching Jamie Oliver’s Night Before Christmas special. I even learnt some new ways to cook different types of veggies.

Cooking up a storm.

Christmas eve dinner together

The Christmas carols started and Jeff and I ate the most amazing dessert of strawberries, gingerbread and marshmallows’ dipped in a bowl of melted Nutella. So so good!!!  James, Dana and Gracie came over and joined us to watch the carols. I can’t believe it’s Gracie’s 2nd Christmas and she had the most wonderful night climbing all over the place, cuddling the TV remote and crawling up and down the hallway as fast as she could. We had a pretty fun night playing with her too. It’s super special sharing Christmas Eve with her.

Gracie snuggles on the couch having her bottle

Watching the carols

Now the carols are over and its quarter to 12… almost Christmas Day! We are going to have the busiest day tomorrow so it’s time for me to finish off this 12 days of Christmas blog series for 2015 and wish you a very Merry Christmas for tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to read along with everything I’ve been up to and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

The last day til Christmas was one that I will remember and treasure forever. 

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