Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The 9th Day til Christmas

How incredible… it would seem people actually read my blog! In that case I’ll attempt to make it a slightly more interesting but no promises.

On the 9th day til Christmas Mum and I went to Costco with the cousins!!! If you’ve never been before IT IS HUGE! Everything is huge.

We started off our morning fairly early but there’s nothing new about that. I haven’t had a sleep in for weeks and if you know me that is pretty unusual. We had pancakes and coffee at Maccas for breakfast because that’s what you do when you’re on holidays ( no geek salads today :P ) and followed the cousins the rest of the way to Costco.

We didn’t think we’d buy very much, how very wrong were we. Mum and I had no problem at all filling an oversized trolley with lots of fun and exciting things. I was pretty disappointed not to find a 5kg jar of Nutella but I’m pretty sure I can get by with the 1kg jar we bought lol! And my freezer door isn’t a great fan of the enormous pizza I bought either. It was a great day and I can totally see us going back again.

Yup, that's all of the shopping.

So we never grow up... and we love it!

Toilet paper throne of course.

After Costco Mum and I found our way to North Lake’s Westfield and did some more shopping… we cannot be stopped!!! We found Secret Santa presents which I wish I could keep for myself. It didn’t take long before we’d had enough of shopping. Almost 6 hours is more than enough on the feet and credit card.

Putting all of this away took a while.

When I got home and eventually got everything out of the car, Dad dropped by to try and rid our house of our ant problem. We have so many ants and I cannot figure out where they are coming from. Dad put some ant sand down around the house so I’m hoping the little suckers stay out. I’m not holding my breath though.

Jeff got home from work at 6pm and we drove into Caloundra to a small markets type thing where Brett and Kate we’re playing. We stayed there for a bit but with not much food (I had nacho’s which we’re more like corn chips with tomato and onion chopping up on top), we left to find food at McDonalds. Twice in 1 day, yikes!

Beautiful sunset

Gracie loved the fairly lights

First time playing in the McDonald's playground. I remember playing in it as a kid. 

We love technology.

We got home late and I was tired. The 9th day was a busy one. 

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