Friday, December 18, 2015

The 7th Day til Christmas

On the 7th day til Christmas I got my sleep in YAY! Although it was only until 9am and I’m certain I can improve that time as the holidays go on. I spent the morning wrapping presents and drinking tea, lavender earl grey if you must know.
Tea drop, best tea ever!

Does anyone else wrap presents for pets? I do every year because they are definitely part of the family. 

It's only taken me a week to pull down Gracie's birthday balloons. They went in the bin like this because popping balloons is too scary!!

Rachel picked me up at 1pm and we headed out for a late lunch, this time at Mooloolaba. Relaxing by the beach, drinking coffee and eating salad. Perfect way to spend the school holidays. We did a little bit of shopping at the Plaza and stopped for another coffee and afternoon tea at Rozzi's italian on the boardwalk.

When I got home I settled in to watch the latest Big Bang Theory episode. Normally at this time of year it’s a Christmas themed episode but with the release of the latest Star Wars movie, it was focused on the guys being excited to see it and trying to get tickets. Really funny episode and a big one for Sheldon and Amy!

This is as close as I will ever get to liking something about Star Wars.

I took the very small window of motivation I had and dragged myself outside to finish the lawn mowing. No photos because I was grumpy about having to do it. It’s all done now and we just have to whipper snipper on the weekend. My arms aren’t very happy with me tonight though.

The rest of the night has been spent putting washing on the line, cooking dinner and watching movies. Jeff has been so busy this week as he’s running his own business and working at the IT Shop as well so he didn’t make it home until after 10:30pm. I’m sure he’s very much looking forward to a break over Christmas.

The 7th day was lovely (apart from the mowing) and I’m almost ready for Christmas day. 

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