Saturday, December 19, 2015

The 6th Day til Christmas

On the 6th day til Christmas I had an incredibly lazy day. It’s the first day in about 3 weeks where I haven’t had to be somewhere. Basically during the daylight hours of the day I just lounged around, read, slept and eventually finished wrapping all the Christmas presents. I certainly wasn’t very productive.
Yup, I got into the 1kg of Nutella

All day these little ponies kept walking past our house. I thought how nice it is to live in a little country town and be able to see them walking by. 

I got out our bag ready to pack for the Gold Coast

Sparkly Christmas bows.

Presents are all wrapped

For dinner we had the pizza I bought at Costco. It was so big that I had to cut it in half just to fit it in the oven. The other half is in the freeze for another dinner. That works out at $2.50 per person per meal, impressive! After dinner Misty and Pandi (and John) dropped over for a visit and to see our pretty Christmas lights. As they were leaving we watched as the fire station next door came alive and everyone raced out. They really are very fast.

Later on we spent some time facetiming Laree and chatting about what we’ve been up to. The 6th day was a very lazy one, at least for me but not for Jeff who was working again. 

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