Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The 2nd Day till Christmas

On the 2nd day til Christmas... for reasons unknown to me I woke up at 4am & decided to stay awake to watch sunrise over the coastline. I couldn't actually see sunrise but I enjoyed watching the sky change colours during that magical transition time at dawn. I could also see the fish being feed in the big lagoon.

Noway was I staying up so I went back to bed until 8:30am. Jeff & I got ready & met Mum, Dad & Chris for breakfast. We indulged in the variety of foods the buffet breakfast has to offer. My favourite? Waffles!!

We spent the rest of the morning lounging around our room & only ventured out for Subway in Mum & Dad's room at lunch. Then we all headed down to the pools until late afternoon. I swam with the fish, played under the waterfalls & even had two goes on the water slide. My legs are feeling a bit tired though from trying to swim through the whirl pool. That currant is strong!

A wedding was being set up right near the pool.

The party was about to start as we were leaving

Dinner  was beautiful at the hotel restaurant & we enjoyed taking our time & sitting around chatting. The restaurant is fairly different from when I was younger but still really nice. After dinner we walked up stairs to look at the Christmas decorations. The Marriott always goes all out with beautiful decorations & it certainly didn't disappoint. I  love the grand staircase, always so beautiful.

A bunch of random photos Chris took during dinner. 

The waitress told me my coffee is a Christmas tree!!

The 2nd day ( or Christmas Eve, eve or Christmas Adam) was fantastic. I especially enjoyed our family dinner. I'm reminded at this time of year of those missing loved ones who are far away or no longer here. I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by my family & to be able to do special things with them like our family holiday. 

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