Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Another wonderful Christmas day has come and gone and here are some of my highlights from our day along with photos of course.

This is the first year Jeff and I have been in our house on Christmas day by ourselves. Usually we have visitors staying at our house. We got ready for the day and opened presents from one another together. Jeff gave me a voucher to The Noosa Chocolate Factory (my absolute favourite place at the moment) and some really nice face products. I gave Jeff an Xbox game, Xbox live voucher and a voucher to upgrade our computer for gaming. It was really nice just opening our presents together but we had to be quick because we were running a bit late.

Our first stop for the day was Mum and Dad’s house for present opening and breakfast with my family and Uncle Greg, Aunty Jeanette and Abbie. I really had to pace myself with the eating, just small amounts at a time. After breakfast we went home to drop off all our presents and give Georgie her present. She wasn’t too keen on it until we put her new toy in her cage. It’s now the 27th December and she has destroyed her toy.

Family breakfast

So many presents

Tea drop... my favourite!!

Can't wait to use these

Since we were having lunch with Jeff’s family, I wouldn’t get the opportunity to see Nana O or Poppy on Christmas day so we drove over to Poppy’s nursing home and Mum and Dad bought Nana O over so we got to see everyone and take some photos. It was a quick 15-minute visit and we were back on the road again.

Georgie opening her present

Lunch was at Jeff’s families house but before eating we had a special little surprise for Jeff’s parents. Laree arranged for everyone in the family to record Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas which is their Mum’s favourite song. Laree and Jason put it together beautifully so everyone was included and made a lovely video of photos to go with it. They even edited Gracie into different parts of the video laughing and saying Nana. It was such a lovely gift which I’m sure will be greatly treasured.

Talking to Aunty Laree

After the video we had a big present opening session. With so many people it’s always rather epic present opening at the Gadenne’s with presents and paper going everywhere.  I was very spoilt and received lots of lovely presents. In particular Rhonda made me a frame with our Snuggle’s paw print and photo in it. It’s really special and I’m figuring out where to hang it in our house.

After our Gadenne lunch (and boy was I full) we dropped home all our presents and drove into my cousin’s house. It’s my Aunties birthday on Christmas day so we had a birthday celebration for her along with dinner. My cousin has a gorgeous kitten named Molly so we spent most of the night playing with her and their two puppies. I do miss having my own dog but it’s nice to be able to play and have cuddles with someone else’s for the time being.

By the time I got home I was REALLY full and very much ready to crash. I don’t think it even took me 5 seconds before I was fast asleep. It was a lovely day and I was spoilt rotten with so many presents. More than anything it was such a blessing for both Jeffrey and I to be surrounded by so many family members and to be able to skype with Laree and Jason. We are lucky we get to travel around so much on Christmas day because it means we have many special people in our lives that we want to see and spent time with at Christmas time.
Merry Christmas 2015!

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