Monday, December 14, 2015

11 Days til Christmas

On the 11th day til Christmas it was off to get an annual haircut. I’m pretty slack about hair cutting and usually wait til Christmas time when it’s hot to have it cut short again. I’m also not into change so it’s exactly the same as last year.

Mum and I we’re heading to Australia Zoo to walk with the cheetah’s at 3pm so after our hair cut we had 2 hours to use up. We went out for lunch and followed that up with some Christmas shopping. An evacuation alarm went off while we were waiting for lunch but of course no one made a run for it and it turned out to be nothing.

Loaded milkshakes!!!

Notice the short hair?

At 3pm we were at Australia zoo waiting to meet the Cheetah’s. We met a beautiful 11 year old cheetah named Sheeba and were able to have our photos with her and have lots of pats. She was very gentle and calm. It was an amazing experience to be up close to one of the ‘Big Cats’.

Heading over to the Cheetah's

Sheeba the Cheetah

She purred the whole time

The rest of the evening at home was spent cooking dinner, watching TV and doing jobs around the house that just have to get done.

Did I mention how much I’m enjoying being on holidays?! It was very special meeting Sheeba the Cheetah on day 11! 

It certainly warmed up again today!!

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