Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Goodbye 2015

Here we are again, standing at the end of another year and ready to welcome in the next one. 2015 has whizzed by for me and it’s just a little bit scary how fast the years are going.

What was the best part of 2015?
Many, many best bits so I’ll just share some that come to mind, Even though I thought it would be very difficult, working full time teaching my Year 4/5 class was definitely a highlight. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I’ve learnt about myself and being a teacher this year. It’s been a massive year of growth, challenges and a privilege to be part of educating the children in my class. I was really taken back by the kind words said and written to me by parents, students and staff as I finished up this year.  Along with that, school holidays were amazing!

Jeff and I spent a lot of our free time visiting Brisbane and enjoyed staying at Capri on 3 different occasions. About half way through the year I discovered The Noosa Chocolate Factory and I’m totally addicted. Best chocolate and coffee EVER! We’ve been to Brisbane many times just to get that chocolate for me!

Jeff turned 30 this year and to celebrate I bought him an iPhone 6 Plus as a surprise. He was very pleased and it was wonderful to be able to do that for him.

I prayed a lot about finding a church we could attend this year and God was faithful in setting us up at Heritage Baptist in Kawana. I am really grateful for this church as it is exactly what we have wanted and needed to fellowship with God’s people.

Fresh in my mind as another high of the year was our family trip to the Gold Coast Marriott. Mum and Dad used to take Chris and I every year just before Christmas for 2 nights. It had been over 10 years since our last visit and Mum and Dad took us back this year (and Jeff for the first time). I loved every minute to being back there, lazy buffet breakfast, amazing hotel room and swimming the days away.

Jeff and I have both really enjoyed watching our little niece Gracie developing into a beautiful one year old. We’ve had so much fun playing with her and I’ve really enjoyed minding her and learning more about these little people.

What was the worst part of 2015?
I definitely had plenty of stressful and challenging moment this year in reguards to teaching. I made it through and learnt something from each challenge I was faced with. We had a huge storm come through at school and were flooded in with students and teachers for part of the afternoon. Jeff managed to get to me but we stuck in Elimbah until 11pm at night. That really wasn’t much fun. Tragedy came from the flooding with one of the parent’s cars getting washed away with the mother, grandparent and son inside. None of them survived and it was a massive loss and heartbreak for the school and community.

This year we saw Poppy moved into a nursing home and he went downhill very fast health wise. It was difficult to see someone who has been part of your whole life so sick but it makes me very grateful for every day we still have with him and how lucky I’ve been to have such amazing grandparents. He’s doing a bit better now and seemed in good spirts on Christmas day.

What was the biggest surprise of 2015?
Teaching full time. I never imagined I would have my own class but come week 5 of term one, I was teaching Year 4/5. I said I didn’t want to teacher all year but I just kept saying yes each term and I was officially their teacher for 2015. I’m so grateful that I did it and I learnt so much. I know for certain that I made the right choice in studying to be a teacher because putting aside all of the challenges, hard work, early mornings and late nights, I really do love it!

What are you most looking forward in 2016?
Jeff and I have tickets to see Josh Groban perform in Brisbane during April. We are going to stay at the Treasury Casino while we are down there and I cannot wait. We both love Josh Groban and seeing him perform many years ago in 2007 was our first real date. We saw him perform in 2013 in the Sydney Opera House as a surprise for Jeff’s birthday so we are both excited to see his show again. Also the Treasury Casino is on my hotel bucket list!!!

We’ve also got a trip to Melbourne planned for a family reunion on Jeff’s Mum’s side of the family. While we are down that way we are going to spend a few days exploring Melbourne because Jeff’s never been.

Is there anything you are not looking forward to in 2016?
Not really. Running a business always has its challenges but I’m praying for a successful year for Jeffrey to further his business and finances.

Which new years resolutions did you keep in 2015?
I didn’t make one but I certainly wanted to push my comfort zone and I did that teacher full time.

What will be your new years resolutions in 2015?
Again, I don’t really have one but we do have some gaols we’d like to try and achieve. Putting up a fence at our house and installing an air conditioner. I know, how boring but we’re old now!!

What will you be doing on new years eve?
Jeff suggested a New Years Eve at home. Cheese platter, fronti and fireworks on the TV is part of our plan.

Who will you be with at new years eve?
At the moment I will just be with Jeff and Georgie!

Who do you want to kiss to see the new year in?
Jeff of course. Georgie doesn’t accept kisses lol!

What was the best song of 2015?
I spent most of the year listening to Tiffany Alvord covers and I also enjoyed a little bit of Taylor Swift. At Christmas time this year I discovered Pentatonix but I can’t say I’ve really got into any of their other music.

What was the best TV show of 2015?
I watched my way through Royal Pains this year and am waiting on the next season whenever that will be. More Big Bang Theory as usual and I’m waiting to see the next Sherlock episode which airs on the 2nd of January 2016.

I seemed to watch a fair bit of Graham Norton on Friday nights and Jeff and I started watching Scrubs again. It’s a classic and will NEVER get old! Chris gave me a copy of The It Crowd and I thoroughly enjoyed laughing my way through that series too.

I’m also attempting to watch a little bit of Doctor Who but who knows if I’ll really enjoy that.

What was the best book you read in 2015?
Not a lot of book reading in 2015 (not enough time). I read my bible but definitely not enough and some random fanfictions. At school I read my class The BFG and Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. I enjoyed Percy Jackson more than I thought I would and watched the movie after the school term. I definitely enjoyed the book more than the movie.

Jeff’s Aunty Pam gave me a photography book and I’ve read my way through a quarter of that so far. Hopefully I will finish it and learn a lot.

What was the best film of 2015?
I watched Back to the Future! It was the year that Marty McFly came back so I had to watch it!!!

I can’t say I have a favourite movie but some that I really enjoyed seeing this year have been Mocking Jay Part 2, Spectre, Jurassic World and Inside Out was a lovely kid’s movie. I guess I didn’t really see that many movies this year.

What change would you like to make to your life in 2016?
I’d like to spend more time living in the moment and not let things pass me by quite so much. I’d also like to just do things more rather than putting them off. I’m not exactly sure what but just in general. It’s so easy to say ‘’I’ll do it tomorrow’’.

What change would you like to see in the world in 2016?

Forgiveness towards other people. We only have the opportunity to live once so why hold grudges towards people? No one is perfect or ever will be so let’s just put aside mistakes and more forward with living life and caring about one another. 

Here's some photo memories in no particular order.

Cuddles with Abbie

Easter activities with my Year 4/5s

Climbing the Q1 tower

Jeff took me to see Wicked

Climbing the Story Bridge

Merry Christmas Nana

Christmas at the Marriott

Gracie the Christmas Elf

Gadenne Christmas selfies

Waving Laree and Jason off overseas

Merry Christmas Nana and Poppy

Dana taught me to make sushi

Jeff enjoying the view at the Marriott

Christmas 2015

Story Bridge climb with my family

Valentines day

Gadenne basketball game

I photographed Gracie
Jeff's 30th birthday present - iPhone 6 Plus

The big storm that came through school

Mother's Day

Easter present from Mum and Dad

We gave Gracie her first bible for Easter

Celebrating the Story Bridge's 75th birthday. We walked across it.

Mother's Day 

Vegemite chocolate was a thing.

My favourite tea

We went to the pumpkin festival 

I read this to my class

The Heaton family came to visit

Capri where we stayed in Brisbane

My niece

Jeff got some new data recovery equipment 

Our Georgie girl

I took photos for Mel's 21st

Dressing up as Dorothy for book week

We went to the Outback Spectacular 

I went away with Mum, Dad and the Buchanan's to the Toowoomba Flower festival.

We went to Canberra 


I minded Gracie

Our 5th wedding anniversary

We stayed at Capri in Brisbane

Presents from Rhonda in Paris

Back to the Future Year

Handing out with Gracie

We minded Puss while Mum and Dad we're in Hawaii and she was very needy

I was spoilt on my brithday

I took Christmas photos of Gracie

My favourite photos of Jeff and I this year. One of our trips to Brisbane after school one Friday.

My favourite chocolate this year

Birthday photo and new facebook profile picture

I went to Supernova with Jeff

He was Neo, I was myself

Christmas started in our house

And Christmas in my classroom

My secret Santa at school knew me well!

My class made gingerbread reindeer 

Our view from the Marriott

Mrs G

Fireworks from our house

Gracie on her 1st birthday

Mum and I got to pat a cheetah 

Family dinner at the Marriott

Many birthdays we celebrated!!