Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The 9th Day til Christmas

On the 9th day til Christmas I got up early to go Christmas shopping with Mum. I stayed up into the early hours of the morning watching the Sydney Siege and slept with the TV on to listen to any updates. It was difficult dragging myself out of bed after not a lot of sleep, not to mention my legs reminded me of all our weekend walking!!
Tony Abott addresses the country

Heading into the shops nice and early.

We shopped at a fairly fast pace and had everything purchased and in the car just after 11am which left plenty of time for a coffee and lunch at Jamaica Blue.

This was really really nice!

My poppy is in the hospital at the moment so we went up for a visit to see how he was going. We had a really good chat and watched a little bit more of the Sydney coverage on TV. The new private university hospital looks really nice too. Such a great facility!

After I got home I got stuck into some house work. Got all the washing on the line and finished off the mowing that Jeff started on the weekend. Our grass grows WAY too fast!!! We still need to get the whipper Snipper working to do the edges… maybe tomorrow.

Looks a bit messy but it's mown

I spent the afternoon making fresh juice, pickling some beetroot and cooking dinner. Jeff is only on his way home now as he’s starting to get a fair bit of work in and so is staying back working much longer hours. I can’t complain, the more work for his business, the better!!!
Pickling beetroot 

Beetroot, carrot and apple juice for Jeff. 

If you need a good IT and computer man or know someone who does, then give Jeff a called – Data and Computer Resurrection – 0432 843 227 or visit www.dacr.com.au

When Jeff got home we went around to his Mum and Dad's house to have a cuddle with our new niece, puppy cuddles and a coffee which was lovely!

It’s not quite 9am yet but I think it’s time for the 9th day to be over before I fall asleep at my desk!!

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