Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The 8th Day til Christmas

On the 8th day til Christmas it was a lovely, clear day but fairly hot. My washing appreciated the heat and was dry when I got out of bed. We were heading down to the airport to pick up Chris but Mum and Dad’s car had a flat battery. Luckily they planned to leave early so after RACQ came we still made it to the airport gate before his plane arrived.

Beautiful day outside.

Trip to the airport

Chris has arrived!

We stopped in at McDonalds for lunch on our way home and then went back to Mum and Dad’s to wait on a new car battery to arrive and help move Chris’ room around to fit in the new portable air conditioner they bought.

Lunch in the air con

Puss was happy to see Chris

Setting up the air con

Puss' new sleeping spot.

Just a tad hot, cooling down

We spent the afternoon back up at the University hospital visiting poppy (and seeing the cousins) and went to the Christmas carols at the nursing home with Nana. Just like last year, the carols were fairly entertaining with the ladies who ran the night.

View from the private hospital. We counted 10 canes. 

Mum and I added some decorations to Nana's room. 

Caroling at the nursing home. 

We had a family dinner at Hogs Breath which was really nice (super busy too) and headed home for bed.

Dinner was delicious and I was starving!!! 

Just like yesterday I finished off the 8th day feeling really tired. It’s always so busy this time of the year!

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