Thursday, December 18, 2014

The 7th day til Christmas

On the 7th day til Christmas it was another beautiful, very hot day. Jeff started off the day by whipper snippering the edges which was great because it saved me having to do it. The best time to do it was in the morning because you wouldn't want to be out in the sun at midday… so hot!

Hard working husband

Mum picked me up and we went to visit Lidya for a haircut. That time of year when I get my hair cut shorter for the warmer months. Lidya always does a great job!! Dad has been telling Mum and I how good the bakery down the road is but because Mum’s always busy working she never gets to go there. We decided today was the day and Dad met up with us for lunch. He’s right, really good pies (mine was veggie though.)
Haircut ready for summer!

Bakery makes great pies!

Lunch with Mum and Dad. It was a tad hot!

I spent the afternoon cleaning and hosing down outside ready to put up a few Christmas lights. We’ve been pretty busy this year and still haven’t got any lights up. The plan is to put some up tomorrow night. Mum motivated me to hose outside as she was doing the same at her house and it was perfect weather for getting soaking wet!!

Christmas music to help me clean

Sweeping and hosing

Ah my reward for my hard work. Haighs and a cup of tea!

The big storm that came over us. It didn't amount to much of a storm but a little bit of rain.

Jeff got home late from work and he spent the rest of the night working on a client’s computer. I cooked dinner and finished watching ‘The Holiday’ and the beginning of ‘The Family Stone’.

Jeff having a chat to Kevin. Ready to open his 18th advent present.

A little drink with my movie (not real wine or I'd be past out asleep)

It’s time for bed on the 7th day and I get to listen to the peaceful sound of rain outside!

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