Friday, December 19, 2014

The 6th day til Christmas

On the 6th day til Christmas I found a spider in my bed!!! Just a little one but I decided it was best to wash all the sheets and blankets just in case. Lucky it was a warm day to get them washed and dry again before midday.

I ate breakfast/lunch and finished watching ‘The Family Stone’. After it finished I found my motivation to start putting up some of our lights. I only got 2 sets up myself but it was hard work in the heat.
The Family Stone

lights I put up. 

Candy Canes getting power from the sun

Just me today!

Mum and Dad picked me up in the afternoon and we went to visit Poppy at the hospital and he actually got to leave today which was great. Afterwards we visited Nana at the nursing home for a little bit and then went to Uncle Greg and Jeanette’s to have cuddles with their new puppy Abbie. She’s such a cutie and full of energy.

Waiting at the hospital

More waiting

Visiting Nana

Playing with Abbie. She's hard to get a photo of!

After all our visiting we had a quick family dinner at Subway and went to the shops to buy everything food wise for Christmas. Chris and I haven’t been grocery shopping with Mum and Dad since we were in high school!!!
A much needed dinner

Food for Christmas

3 trolleys. Maybe we bought too much :P

When I got home Jeff’s Mum and brother were at our place helping Jeff to put up the rest of our Christmas lights. Jeff bought a few new lights as well which look really nice. If it’s even possible, we have more light than last year. While we were putting them up we had people stop to say they were glad to see us putting our lights up again. A lady with her little dog even came down at 11pm to have a look at them.

Lights going up. 

Brighter outside than inside at the moment!!

Pink Cherry Blossom tree

Another big day for the 6th and I don’t think our days will be getting quiet until after Christmas now!!

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