Saturday, December 20, 2014

The 5th day til Christmas

On the 5th day til Christmas we had another super, crazy, busy day. I helped Jeff finish putting up the Christmas lights in the morning and I ran the solar lights along each side of the fence. Jeff’s brother and girlfriend dropped by for a visit with their gorgeous little girl. I’m so excited to be an Aunty and love having cuddles with my little niece (still sounds so weird lol!!)
Last set of lights go up

At lunch time we picked up Chris and met my cousin Morgan and her boyfriend Gary at a Mexican place for lunch. Than we had 2 games of laser tag which I came 3rd for both games. I also had the second best accuracy and our team won both games. It’s been a year since I last placed Zone 3 so it was fun to be going again. We headed back to the cousins place and played some board games and card games for the rest of the afternoon.

Morgan and Gary racing

Jeff and Chris dancing... or some kind of game.

Games back at the house

Such a funny game!

A puppy to help me with cards

The crew!!

hanging with this puppy

Around dinner time we headed over to Nana and Poppy’s new unit which is on the top level and looks out over the canal. We had dinner there with everyone and watched the boats down the river with all their Christmas lights on. The view is spectacular and their unit is really, really nice!!!

Nana and Poppy's view!!

Such an amazing place



Watching the boats at night

Christmas lights

Dinner on the deck

This was my favourite boat!
Dinner was really yummy and we left feeling very full. We went back to the cousins and had a really nice evening swim. Jeff said it was really refreshing and he was right. Best time to swim… no sunburn!

An evening swim

Jeff gave me this beautiful light up bauble for my advent today. I love it! 

 We packed so much into the 5th day and I’m ready for a well over due date with my pillow. It was a really lovely day though! 

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