Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The 2nd day til Christmas

On the 2nd day til Christmas I had a much quieter day than I had expected. I was able to get some jobs done in the office that I wanted sorted before Christmas and booked our Story Bridge Climb which we’ll be doing with Mum, Dad and Chris in the new year. I also wrote a ‘Future Me’ letter to myself for a years time. If you’ve never heard of it before it’s basically a website where you can write an email to yourself and set the date you want to receive it on. On that date the website will automatically email it back to you. It’s really clever and I’ve been doing it for the past 2 years. Check it out if you’re interested - https://www.futureme.org/

Future Me
I put together some family photo baubles for Jeff’s Mum and listened to a few of my Christmas CDs while I worked on all my jobs in the office. It was a nice relaxing morning after such a busy week.

Jeff and I in a Christmas bauble. 

Christmas music to work by

After a late lunch I decided it would be best to make my white chocolate TimTam cheesecake today so I’m not rushing to do it tomorrow…. Christmas eve! It worked out really well considering I used a vegetarian gelling powder rather than gelatin.

Baking away

Jeff was working late so once he got home and we had dinner, we left for all night shopping around 10:30pm. We shopped until 3am and even stopped off for some cupcakes and coffee. I'm officially finished all my Christmas shopping and don't need to go near another shop until after Christmas... woohoo!!! 
Water bomb canons ready for Christmas eve

2nd last advent present

Arriving at all night shopping. 

Cupcakes and coffee are the best!!!

The 2nd day has been fairly relaxing and I got a lot done but now it's 3:40am and time for some sleep!

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