Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On the last day til Christmas

On the last day til ChristmasI woke up at 10am feeling like I’d just shut my eyes to go to bed a minute ago. I got stuck into the day making 2 salads for Christmas day and putting together and icing my gingerbread Christmas tree.

Giant mashmellows for my salad

Jeff and I had French toast together for breakfast and opened our last advent presents. I gave him a mini remote control helicopter and he gave me some heart shaped cupcake moulds and a dispenser for cake batter.

I watched my favourite Christmas movie Miracle on 34th Street while I wrapped the last of the presents and then got all the food ready for our Christmas Eve party.

Everyone arrived around 4pm and for the rest of the afternoon and night we sat around chatting, eating and had a big water bomb fight. Sadly this year the fire truck with Santa didn’t go out so we didn’t have anyone to attach with water bombs.

Advent presents

Jeff learning to fly his helicopter

Abbie with my singing chipmunk

Christmas Eve party

Miss Gracie being such a good girl

Water bomb fight is on. No one is safe!

Got smashed

We had dinner and after everyone went home we sat around chatting to Jeff’s sister and brother and I had a bit of the tidy up.

It really feels like the Christmas celebrations have started now. Bring on Christmas day tomorrow!!

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