Sunday, December 21, 2014

On the 4th day til Christmas… I at long last had nowhere to rush off too in the morning. I slept in and Jeff had a client at our house for a few hours so I spent the whole morning in bed. I even got to eat lunch there which is just perfect in my opinion.

Lunch in bed is the best!

In the afternoon we went to visit Nana at the nursing home. Mum made these lovely Christmas star biscuits to share with all the residents. I think they will really love them!!! Uncle Greg and Jeanette bought their little puppy Abbie over to have a play. The residents just love seeing dogs at the nursing home. Everyone stops and has a pat.

Visiting Nana
We had dinner at McDonalds with everyone and went back to Uncle Greg and Jeanette’s for coffee. Their street has quite a few good houses lit up too! Abbie loves to play and we spent most of the night playing with her. I’m not sure who left more tired, us or her!

I think I've had enough McDonalds for a long time now!!

Popping Candy drink... ewww!!

Uncle Greg and Jeanette's Christmas card with Abbie!!

Houses lit up!

Looking very Christmassy

Abbie likes socks!

We dropped some Christmas cards off on our way home and went down to Jeff’s parents place to see their new lights. I got to have some more Gracie cuddles before she went off to bed and some Misty and Pandi cuddle as well.

I can’t believe it’s already the 4th day til Christmas!!!

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