Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

At last it was Christmas day and we had the most wonderful weather, the perfect temperature!!! We woke up early and went over to Jeff’s parents place for a Gadenne family breakfast and present opening. Jeff gave me the most beautiful present ever, Swarovski earrings/necklace, a singing teddy bear and a whole box of Malteser reindeer chocolates!!! The loveliest part was that he bought the jewellery with some of the first money he made from his own business. Super special and I’ll always cherish them.

After a quick drop in at home to get food, we went to Mum and Dad’s house to open parents with my family. As usual I was spoilt with lots of lovely present and in particular Mum choose a Willow Tree Nativity set for me which I LOVE! I’ve always wanted to buy the set. Can’t wait til next Christmas so I can set it up.

 From there we went over to the cousin’s house for Christmas lunch and more present opening. I received lots of lovely presents and a really soft snuggle rug and puppy calendar from my Secret Santa! We had the nicest veggie curry and potato bake from Pasta D-vine for lunch and Chris made a TimTam Cheesecake for dessert. We played some card games and I spent some time soaking my feet in the swimming pool.

In the evening we went back to Jeff’s parents’ house for a family dinner and white chocolate TimTam Cheesecake which I made. We finished off Christmas night with a movie called Lock In.

I went to bed surrounded by lots of lovely gifts and feeling very tired. 

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