Monday, December 15, 2014

10th Day til Christmas

On the 10th day til Christmas... we started the day in the same way as yesterday. Buffet breakfast at the hotel and checked out, ready to explore some more of the city and shops. We left our bags at the hotel and started walking towards Martin Place to get to George St. We stood on the street watching police and fire engines going past and tried to figure out what was going on. We saw the channel 7 building near by getting evacuated and decided it was best to go down a different street to get to the shops.

That's when we found out what was actually going on. We had texts, phone calls and facebook messages from friends and family asking if we were safe and telling us their was a hostage situation happening at the Lindt chocolate cafe on Martin Place, just a block over from where we were staying. We decided it was safest to spend the day away from this area so we walked over to Darling Harbour.
Streets blocked off. 

A much needed coffee

Opposite our hotel. 

 We did some shopping, lots of walking and stopped for coffee at Guylian's Cafe. When it was time to collect our bags we called the hotel to check it was safe to walk back and quickly made our way back to the hotel. Our plan was to catch a taxi to the airport, unfortunately Taxi's were not allowed in and out of the city due to the seige taking place.

Ready to escape the city 

It was a bit of a mission but we managed to catch a train to the airport with plenty of time to spare. We were very lucky that our flights weren't cancelled and were able to fly home at the planned time.
Hoping we got on the correct train 

Watching the news coverage at the airport

Pretty decorations at the airport 

Off and out of Sydney 

Watching movies on the plane

I spent the rest of the night on the couch watching the news coverage in Sydney and catching up on these blog posts.
Safely home watching the news coverage. 

Presents for Jeff from Haighs 

I wont be forgetting the 10th day anytime soon and my thoughts and prayers are with those hostages who are in the Lindt cafe as I type. I pray for a peaceful ending to this situations as soon as possible.

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