Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Goodbye 2014

Yet again we are at the end of another year. It’s time to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome in 2015! It’s been a busy year so I’ll try not to forget any of the major events of the year. I hope you enjoy my little review.

What was the best part of 2014?
The best part of 2014 was being alive and well, surrounded by family and friends. I’m an incredibly blessed person and even though life can have its ups and downs, I know I’m still so lucky for everything and everyone around me. I’m just grateful for everything 2014 brought me and taught me.
Bella our blue bird flew away as well which we were really sad about. We keep an eye out for her but we haven’t seen her since she escaped.

What was the worst part of 2014?
The worst part was saying goodbye to my beautiful Snuggles in early March. I always knew it was coming and I felt very at peace with her passing but that doesn’t make it any easier. I miss her very much but I also know she’s free of pain and sickness now. I think about her a lot and have a beautiful photo of her at the end of our hallway, above where she used to sleep.

What was the biggest surprise of 2014?
Finding out Jeff and I were going to be an Aunty and Uncle was a big surprise this year. One which we were so incredibly delighted about. Miss Gracie is such a precious little girl and we feel very lucky to have her in our lives (as well as her beautiful parents!!)   

What are you most looking forward in 2015?
2015 is still a mystery to me however I am looking forward to climbing the Story Bridge in January with the family. Also Jeff gave me tickets to see Wicked in February so I’m looking forward to that plus a night away after the show!! Jeff is turning 30 in March so I’m looking forward to making his day extra special as well. I hope there is lots more to look forward to in 2015!!

Is there anything you are not looking forward to in 2015?
I’m sure there will be challenges, there always are but God has it all under control and I have nothing that I’m not looking forward too.

Which new years resolutions did you keep in 2014?
I didn’t make a resolution so I didn’t have to keep one ;)

What will be your new years resolutions in 2015?
Again, no resolution but Jeff and I will both be working really hard in 2015 to improve and build his business. He’s going really well and has been working very hard.

What will you be doing on new years eve?
Jeff and I are spending New Years Eve together by having dinner and dessert out, followed by seeing the final Hobbit movie. Not sure whether we’ll stay out to see fireworks or head home for a drink and to watch them on the TV.

Who will you be with at new years eve?
My husband!!

Who do you want to kiss to see the new year in?
Same as always, the man I’m married too J

What was the best song of 2014?
I listened to a lot of music this year but never got really into a particular artist. I’ve been enjoying Ed Sheeran in the last month but how mostly listened to a variety of artists or music that Jeff had. I did quite enjoy some remixes by Glee as well.

What was the best TV show of 2014?
This year I discovered BBC Sherlock and got really into it. I’m dying to see some more episodes once they have been made!! If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a great show. Very clever and brings Sherlock Holmes into the 21st century with technology.

I’m still really enjoying The Big Bang Theory and I think we’re up to the 8th season. I also love Grey’s Anatomy as well. I bought an old boxset of the TV show Providence and whilst it doesn’t have all of the shows episodes, I still really enjoyed re-watching it.

What was the best book you read in 2014?
Not a lot of reading happened this year. I read some fanfiction online which was…. Interesting. I kept in my bible (but not as much as I should) and I did a lot of C2C reading for school.

What was the best film of 2014?
Hunger Games – Mocking Jay was AWESOME! All the really good movies that I’m most looking forward too are coming out now or in the New Year.

What change would you like to make to your life in 2015?
I hope to get into my bible a bit more in 2015 as I’ve been pretty slack this year. I’d like to take on a fair bit of relief work and save up some money to hopefully in the future build a garage on our house.

I can always work on being a better wife and partner in 2015 and I’d like to spend more quality time with Jeff. Perhaps doing a few more fun things together would be a great thing.

What change would you like to see in the world in 2015?

Just weeks ago Mum and I were in Sydney and saw firsthand the horrible Sydney Siege taking place in Martin Place. I cannot believe that people do these sorts of horrible things and I’d love to see it stop. I know that’s a big ask but to see people getting along or at the very least, tolerating others would be wonderful. 

Enjoy the year of 2014 in photos... in no particular order. 
Georgie did this to my keyboard one night

I kept seeing 11:11 on the clock during the year. 

Misty's puppies 

New Review handbag

Lots of baking this year 

At Andy and Carly's wedding 

Mum and Dad at the wedding 

Andy and Carly married at last 

Birthday cake for Chris, Nana and Poppy's birthdays 

We played lots of board games with the cousins 

I did a lot of teaching - this was Science 

Pandi was welcomed into the family

Nana, Poppy, Uncle and Aunty went on a world cruise 

Excursion with the Year 3s to Australia Zoo

My Year 3s did these wonderful Lorax drawing on Paint 

Jeanette and Uncle Greg minded Annabel

We painted the workshop

Jeff bought lots of signs for his workshop

We visited Canberra 

Went Segwaying 

Walking through the year, hand in hand. 

We walked on the moon... or pretended to at Mt Stromlo

I made cupcakes for Dana's baby shower 

Dana's baby shower 

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary 

And went to QT at the Gold Coast for the weekend. It was beautiful!! 

My favourite photo I took of Misty and Pandi 

Jeff's sign went up

His business started

I created some button Artt 

Jeff bought me these beautiful flowers for my birthday

I was given so many beautiful gifts

The Gadenne family went on an afternoon sunset cruise 

My favourite photo of Jeff and I 

We minded Puss while Mum and Dad went to New Zealand

Uncle Greg and Jeanette got Abbiegail 

Snuggles last ever visit to the beach

Carols in Cotton Tree 

Jeff's parents got re-married

Fireworks at the school

I became and Aunty

Uncle Jeff and Aunty Carmen 

Lior's 2nd birthday

Snuggles with my Snuggles 

Snugs visited the nursing home 

Mum and I went to Sydney

Jeff reffed the basketball

Carols in the City Hall with Mum

Snugs and Misty 

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Nana's 90th birthday

Jeff's spoilt me on Valentine's Day

We went out on Whale One 

Decorated our house for Christmas 

Hanging with the cousins 

Last photo I took of my Snugs 

Night away for Jeff's birthday

At Nana and Poppy's new house 

The Brisbane Wheel 

Our Christmas tree 

Jeff swam with the seals for his birthday 

Water bomb war for Christmas Eve

Christmas time 

The birds destroying things... again

Gavin and Vikki's wedding 

Snuggles hanging on our wall forever 

I got a selfie stick for Christmas 

Aunty and Uncle's anniversary 


Trip to Canberra with Mum and Dad. We went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant 

Jeff and I went to Sydney. We went out on a boat to see the Vivid festival of light 

China Town with the Gadenne's

Camping with James and Lauren 

And millie

The boys went out on the river 

The fireplace at Jeff's parents got a good work out 

Out on the boat just after Christmas