Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Last Day til Christmas

On the last day til Christmas... we had a lovely sleep in which didn't feel long enough since I went to bed around 5am. Laree made us some breakky & we got ready to head over to the Lodge.
5am when I was about to go to bed

Laree made us breakfast 

All ready to sing carols at the Lodge 
The gorgeous advent present Jeff gave me. A willow tree figure but he painted the dog white to match Snuggles 

Jeff played Santa & I sang Christmas carols with the residence as a special Christmas Eve treat. They had a wonderful time & didn't even figure out it was Jeff. We had a lovely time with them too and it was so nice to see how excited and happy they were.
Jeff arriving as Santa 

Laree dancing 

Sitting on Santa's lap 

I spent the rest of the day in the kitchen cooking lots of yummy things for Christmas Day. I only just finished cleaning up when everyone arrived for our Christmas Eve afternoon tea. Everyone had a lovely afternoon with lots of great food & the birds enjoyed pulling a cork apart on our kitchen floor… naughty naughty!!

Baking up a storm in the heat!

The afternoon turned into a water bomb fight between Jeff, Kevin, Laree & I & they also water bombed Santa on the fire truck. We all ended up very wet, Mum even got attacked with water bombs!!!

Afternoon tea with family and friends 

Chris really got on with the birds 

Snugs had a great afternoon too

Jeanette made gingerbread reindeer 

Filling water bombs 

Here comes the fire track 

In the evening we ordered Chinese for dinner & had a wonderfully relaxing night at home. We finished off the day by playing a game of The Big Bang Theory board game. I was pretty impressed with my knowledge of the show & I won quite a lot of the character cards. Laree ended up winning the game & boy did she make sure we knew lol!!

Jeff serving up dinner 

Big Bang Game. 

The last day til Christmas was super busy & we fell into bed at about 1am!!!

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