Monday, December 16, 2013

The 9th Day til Christmas

On the 9th day til Christmas I had the most amazing sleep in ever!!! Most morning I wake up, do Snuggles medicine and get back in bed but don’t actually go back to sleep. This morning though I got to have a really deep sleep for a few more hours. I felt really good for it too.

After lunch I went out with Mum to get a haircut. I got my hair cut nice and short for these warm summer months and am very pleased with how it looks.

New haircut! 
When I got home I got to work baking gingerbread Christmas trees for presents. It took me a good 3 hours to get them all made and put away ready to decorate.

We had Chinese for dinner at the Lodge with Jeff’s parents and stayed there til almost 11pm talking, eating dessert and drinking coffee.

Snugs admiring our Christmas lights 

When we got home Jeff informed me tomorrow was the last day he’d see his work mate until after Christmas so I had to quickly make up his Christmas present. This meant decorating some gingerbread. I decided that since I had everything out I may as well decorate ALL the gingerbread Christmas trees. What an effort at midnight but I got them all finished.

The 9th day was a late one!!!

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