Thursday, December 19, 2013

The 6th Day til Christmas

On the 6th day til Christmas I had a girls day out with my bestie! It was just the most perfect day filled with a late breakfast, shopping, girly chit chat, laughter, coffee and a lovely Christmas movie. We saw The Christmas Candle and I really enjoyed it. It’s a lovely Christmas movie about miracles happening and has Susan Boyle in it. I just LOVE holidays because girls days out are just the best!

Breakfast at De Ja Vu at Mooloolaba


A really lovely Christmas movie 

Afternoon coffee with my bestie!!! 

 When I got home in the afternoon Mum and Dad were waiting for me and I climbed out of one car and into another to head down to the airport to pick up Chris.

Drive to the airport 

Chris has arrived!

We stopped off at North Lakes on the way home for dinner at Shingle Inn and did a little windowing shopping on the way out. When Mum and Dad dropped me home I introduced Chris to Bella and Georgie who I’m sure were very impressed to meet him… though they didn’t show it hehe!!
Another Christmas tree at the shops 

I had a lovely 6th day and felt super pretty in my floral blue, Review skirt all day!!!!  

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