Friday, December 20, 2013

The 5th Day til Christmas

On the 5th day til Christmas there was no rest for this little lady. After feeding the Snug dog I was straight outside to start the mowing while it was still cool enough to not fry. I got a little bit done before I had a Christmas light casualty and ran out of battery on the electric mower. Much to my annoyance I couldn’t get the ‘old beast’ of a mower started either and had to call on Dad for some assistance.
Cuddles with Snuggles before the hard work started

 Dad was off to visit Nana in the nursing home so we decided I’d leave the mowing until the afternoon when he could come back (and it had cooled down a little). I spent the middle of the day walking down to the shops for supplies, baking a cake for Christmas day and pickling some beetroot from our garden.

Walking home from the shops 

Making a cake for Christmas day 

My pickled beetroot

Second mango salad of the year for lunch. 

As it was starting to cool down Dad came back to fix the mower. In fact I had 3 helpers come by to help me finish the mowing and fix the Christmas lights that I ran over. Dad fixed the mower and finished the whipper Snippering, Rhonda helped with the mowing and put some more lights up and John fixed the lights I ran over and finished off the mowing. I was so grateful for the help and that now it’s all finished.

Dad has a side kick helping with the mower

Whipper Snippering for me

Washing the lodge santa suit 

Rhonda mowing 

The grass all neatly mown!

John trying to fix the Christmas lights 

YAY he fixed them!!!!!

Rhonda gave me an early Christmas present, a light up table runner. So pretty and sparkly! 

Jeff had to work late again to get all the jobs finished before holidays and when he got home we had to head down to the airport to pick up Laree and James. First we had to do some switch overs with cars and Jeff had to drop Brett’s car off to Mooloolaba. It was a bit of a rush but everything got done. We didn’t get back from the airport until after midnight and I was so tired that I don’t remember even going to bed.

Creamy spinach pasta

Waiting for Daddy to finish work 

The long drive to the airport 

Pick ups and arrivals 

A sneaky Chai latte on the trip home 

No wonder I was tired, look at the time!!!

The 5th day was jam packed but I got all the jobs done I needed too. 

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