Sunday, December 22, 2013

The 3rd Day til Christmas

On the 3rd day til Christmas I watched Lighthouse Baptist Church on my ipad and Jeff kindly bought me a coffee from down the road. The service was all about Jesus being our hope no matter what situation we are in. I discovered a new favourite song ‘We Have a Saviour’ by Hillsong. I’ve been listening to it all night long.

My very Snuggly puppy

I even got a visit from Misty!!

 When the church service was over I came out to discover lots of people in our house getting ready for a day out bush walking.

My first tomatoes from our garden 

Jeff fixing an iphone

Jeff's assistances 

Once everyone had left Jeff and I went for a drive to visit Kevin to give him a Christmas present. We had a lovely chat with him and by chance as we were leaving Brett and Kate rang to see if we were out and wanted to have lunch with them. Perfect timing!!! We went to Ground at Mooloolaba which I’d been super keen to try for ages. They have delicious vegan food and yummy cold pressed juice, incredibly healthy. We also made a pit stop on the way home to the Organic food store for one last Christmas present.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home searching for Christmas songs for Christmas Eve carols at the Lodge with very little luck. Eventually I gave up looking for some good backing music and we had dinner.

We ate dinner by these candles and Christmas lights. So pretty 

Visiting Puss!

In the night we played ‘Santa Clause’ and visited lots of people, delivering Christmas cards and presents. We spend the last part of the night at Jason and Hiroko’s place watching the end of Love Actually.

The 3rd day saw us driving all over the coast and seeing many different people. 

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