Monday, December 23, 2013

The 2nd Day til Christmas

On the 2nd day til Christmasit was Christmas Adam! Get it? The day before Christmas Eve… hehe! I had another lovely sleep in and woke up to Jeff’s parents making us all breakfast. It was a lazy, pajama kind of day and I spent quite a bit of time on the couch watching more Scrubs. TV show of choice at the moment!

Jeff and I are helping with some Christmas carols out at the Lodge on Christmas Eve so I spent a fair bit of time practising songs and listening to backing music. In fact my voice is a bit sore now.

Playing with Georgie who is a very messy eater. 

In the afternoon we had a quick, easy dinner of salad rolls and headed over to Lifepoint Baptist to see their Christmas light display and Christmas production. It was absolutely packed so we waited in line for ages to get in to see the production. I was really pleased we got in and because it was a great show. They even made it snow at the end!!!
Feeling lazy-  serviette means no washing up 

After that it was time for our traditional trip down to Chermside for all night shopping. Our Christmas shopping is all done but I just love looking around the shops late at night because why not?! We got some special Christmas baubles made for my parent’s Christmas tree and purchased a few bits and pieces we needed. Westfield staff were handing out free coffee cards and we ended up getting 2 free coffees during the night.

Arriving at the shops 

Woohoo, don't mind if I do!

The best chocolate brownie EVER

Just leaving the shops now. 

We got home around 4am, in fact drawn was just starting to break and the sun was very close to rising.
My view when we got home!

I had a wonderful 2nd day til Christmas and was very grateful for Jeff taking me out for a special evening of shows and shopping!! 

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