Saturday, December 14, 2013

The 11th Day til Christmas

On the 11th day til Christmas we got to sleep in and got up in time to go out for lunch with Jeff’s Mum and Dad. We went to café 21 and I enjoyed pizza and a milkshake!

We walked up the main street of town and looked at clothes and Christmas decorations for our house. We ended up buying some more lights for the house and a few more sets of solar candy canes for out the front. Our house is certainly bright now!!!

Walking the streets

So many decorations to choose from

My love <3 p="">

I had a frozen coke on the drive home to cool down and ended up with a sugar headache :( think I'm getting old!
When we got home Rhonda helped me put the new lights up and I did some jobs around the house. It was a fairly hot day so we spent the afternoon just keeping cool.


A beautiful, warm day!

Snuggles helping :)

Giving my garden a little drink 
With our birdies 

Feeding my girl 
In the evening Jeff and I went out for dinner with Mum and Dad and Uncle Greg and Aunty Jeanette to the surf club at Dicky beach. Afterwards we went back to their place for dessert and planned out what we were making for Christmas dinner and drew out names for Secret Santa. I feel a lack of motivation to cook for Christmas… I hope I find it before Christmas day!!

Jeanette's lights 

Our lights all done 
I ended the day by watching the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy which had a pretty wedding awwww and a super sneaky twist like only Grey’s can!!!!! Can’t wait for the next episode now!

I had a lovely 11th Day and now need to think of a Secret Santa present.  

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