Sunday, December 15, 2013

The 10th Day til Christmas

On the 10th day til ChristmasI was up at 8am on a Sunday!!! After feeding Snuggles and giving her all her medicine I decided to force myself to find my motivation to plan what I was cooking for Christmas day. I altered my Coles order online to add a few more items I would need. Hopefully I’ll also find the motivation to actually cook them too J
Christmas menu planning

I watched Lighthouse Baptist Church online this morning and Ps Bakss was preaching, which I really enjoyed. He spoke about the hope that we have in Jesus Christ and that the promises God has made us are not blind hope or things wished for, they are in fact real promises that we can confidently hope for. We are so blessed to have a God we can hope in always who keeps his promises.
Ps Bakss preaching 

After a quick salad sandwich for lunch we headed out to the Organic Food Store. I’m happy to share I now have some nice new ground coffee to make over Christmas and the holidays. I’ve missed using my coffee machine because I’ve been super busy and my coffee beans were too old.

Our next stop was Coolum to go along to New Earth Café’s grand opening. Some friends we know have started an organic, raw food café and we spent the afternoon enjoying fresh juice and sweet raw food treats. Their food is amazing and everything is so healthy. Jeff and I also shared a coconut Chai which was delish!!!! New Earth Café, look them up on facebook and drop by if you’re in the area.

Coconut Chai

We so badly wanted to try everything!!

We left there about 5pm and made a very spontaneous decision to grab a quick dinner out and head over to the Suncoast Christmas show as it was their last night. A beautiful friend of ours was singing in the concert and I enjoyed every minute of it. We also ran into lots of friends their too which was even better!!!
A quick dinner to share

Suncoast Christmas Show

Our beautiful friend Carly singing Ave Maria 

Photo of the day was lights so I posted this picframe photo 
The 10th day turned out to be rather busy but we had a wonderful time!

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