Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

At last it was Christmas day for 2013 and I had to drag myself out of bed from last night’s late night board gaming!! We got Snuggles ready and got ourselves ready to head over to Mum and Dad house for blueberry muffins and Byron Bay coffee along with present opening. Mum and Dad gave us lots of lovely gifts but the biggest surprise for Jeff and I was our very own dishwasher!!!!!! Thanks Mum and Dad!!! I must be getting old because I was super excited about this. While we opened presents Bella and Georgie had a lovely time climbing all over the Christmas tree, destroy everything in their path… almost!

Snugs with her present

Georgie with her bauble

Bella enjoying the tree

A dishwasher for our house!!!!

Breakfast with the family

After all the dishwasher excitement we headed back home to start getting ready for Christmas lunch at our place with Jeff’s family. We made salads, roasted veggies and Laree and I put together a meringue Christmas tree for the middle of the table. Jeff and James blew up a giant swimming pool and set it up in the backyard for later. After lunch we spent an hour or so opening presents around the tree and thanking each other for all of the thoughtful and kind presents. Then we had a big water bomb/super soaker/hose fight to cool off.

The meringue Christmas tree we made
The twins carry the inflatable pool through the township 

Christmas lunch with the Gadennes 

Jeff handing out all the presents 

Opening presents together 

Water bomb time 

Once the house was back in a reasonable state again, Jeff and I went back to Mum and Dad’s place for Christmas dinner with the family and another present opening session as well as Secret Santa. I went for a drive with Dad to drop Nana back to the nursing home later on as well. I think Nana had a lovely time but was a little bit tired. Around 10pm we helped pack everything up and we all headed off back home tired and very full.

Mum's beautiful Christmas dinner table 

Enjoying dinner 

My love xo

Chris and I with Nana 

More present opening 

It was a lovely, jam packed Christmas day and I am very grateful for all of the kind presents I received and fun that we had. Happy birthday Jesus!

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