Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sweet as Pie Baking Challenge – Chocolate Roulade with Coffee Cream

Are you looking for a baking challenge? Well you’ve found it. I put off this recipe for quite a while because the thought of rolling a cake gave me horrible images and thoughts which ultimately ended with me throwing the whole thing in the bin. Rest assured this never happened and I was fairly pleased with the outcome.
Mine certainly doesn’t look perfect but here’s a few tips I think might help if you’d like to attempt one of these.

·       Make sure your cake mixture is very evenly spread in the tray before you cook it. When I rolled mine out, it cracked in one place where it was a little bit thin.
·       Take it VERY slowly and carefully. My Mother in law gave me a hand which was a HUGE help. A second pair of hand is always welcomed with these kind of recipes.
·       Make sure you cool it completely before you put the cream in. In fact I put my cream mixture in the fridge for a little while too which helped.

Have fun and if it doesn’t work out, just throw it all together on a plate and eat it anyway, it tastes really good!!!!


Anonymous said...

that looks like quite a challenge. :D but Chocolate tasty.

Talia said...

We make something similar - a chocolate sponge roll. So yum!

When I'm making mine I roll it up in a tea towel once it's cooked (and before it cools), that way it cools in the rolled shape, and it less likely to crack later when you put the cream in. :)