Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sweet as Pie Baking Challenge – Chocolate Roulade with Coffee Cream

Are you looking for a baking challenge? Well you’ve found it. I put off this recipe for quite a while because the thought of rolling a cake gave me horrible images and thoughts which ultimately ended with me throwing the whole thing in the bin. Rest assured this never happened and I was fairly pleased with the outcome.
Mine certainly doesn’t look perfect but here’s a few tips I think might help if you’d like to attempt one of these.

·       Make sure your cake mixture is very evenly spread in the tray before you cook it. When I rolled mine out, it cracked in one place where it was a little bit thin.
·       Take it VERY slowly and carefully. My Mother in law gave me a hand which was a HUGE help. A second pair of hand is always welcomed with these kind of recipes.
·       Make sure you cool it completely before you put the cream in. In fact I put my cream mixture in the fridge for a little while too which helped.

Have fun and if it doesn’t work out, just throw it all together on a plate and eat it anyway, it tastes really good!!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sweet as Pie Baking Challenge – Mud Cake

Chocolate Mud cake is always a popular choice but I’d never actually made one before. From the list of ingredients it looked to be very rich so I opted to make these as small patty cakes. It was a good choice as they are very rich and this seems to be a good portion size.

Have fun making these, they are delicious and as I’ve said before, these recipes are very generous so I ended up with more than 20 patty cakes. They also freeze very well.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sweet as Pie Baking Challenge – Caramel Mud Cake

Are you a chocoaholic? I certainly am, but my husband is opposite to me and loves anything white chocolate or caramel. He has been anticipating me baking this Caramel Mud cake for quite some time now and was very excited when the time came for him to taste test it. It was a winner and we shared it with his parents and his boss.

A little heads up though, this cake isn’t the easiest to make and takes about 2 and half hours of baking in the oven. It makes a lovely big cake and is deliciously rich. You’ll only need a small piece and will definitely want to share!!

Happy Baking cake lovers!!