Tuesday, February 5, 2013


On 27th January 2013 we were hit by a very minor cyclone. I’m not even sure we could call it a cyclone, rather the signs that a cyclone had been near us. Apparently we had mini Tornados hit the coast too and our township but whatever came through, it was fairly severer. We had lots of rain, so much so that for one day we were flooded in.

Flooded in!

The Kiwi says it was definitely a Cyclone... still can't find the little guy :(

We had wind, crazy, crazy wind that uprooted trees everywhere. On to roads, houses, fences and by far the worst…. our power lines! Okay, so not the power lines directly outside our house but the gale force winds took out all of the main power to almost all of the coast and hinterland area. Not only that but we also had no phone reception or landline connection. Thousands of people were left powerless and cut off from the world!

For 3 long days we were without power and were almost completely isolated from the whole world. We couldn’t make any phone calls at all or get online to find out how long our power would be off. We tried very hard to save the food in our fridge and freezer by filling esky’s with ice but 3 days were just too long and we ended up throwing almost everything in the bin.

Our fridge for 3 days... did I mention it's a good idea to make sure the plug is in the bottom of your esky. No? That's cause I learnt the hard way and came out on day 2 to find a half flooded kitchen floor. Opps!

Did I mention without power we had no hot water? NO HOT WATER!!!! We had a few showers at Mum and Dad’s place but after 2 days they had no hot water left either. I had two ice cold showers before Dad rigged up a battery to power our hot water system. We also made a lot of trips to our friends place 20 minutes away who had power so we could charge phones, laptops and my ipad. We also used that time to sooth our cravings to be online!

But you know what? I learnt a lot in those 3 days. I learnt that I rely on electricity more than I could ever have imagined and I also learnt that I can live without electricity. By the 3rd day I knew I could make food that required no cooking, I could have a cold shower, I could do my washing by hand and I could find other ways to entertain myself without Facebook or instagram. But no matter how much I could live without electricity, I am SO SO SO SO glad that I don’t have to! I’m very grateful that God created this amazing resource for us to use because it makes life easier and more pleasant!

Playing UNO to pass the time and living by candle light!

Who would have thought, 3 days without power could teach me so much! Sometimes life gets tricky just to teach you a lesson! Don't miss it!

Sweet as Pie Baking Challenge - Choc Chip Banana Bread

It's been a while since my last baking update but that because we had the craziness of Christmas plus just as I was planning a new baking challenge we were hit with a minor Cyclone. For real, a Cyclone & we lost our power for 3 long  days. Horrible!!! Anyways here is my latest Sweet as Pie Baking Challenge
Choc Chip Banana Bread

This one is so easy - mix together the dry ingredients. Mix together the wet ingredients & mix them both together. Pour into a loaf baking tin & cook for 45 minutes. Easy!!! No one can mess this one up. 

Carmy's Tips
  • Eat while its warm with butter
  • Add a little extra butter to the batter so it's really moist
  • Make to loafs while your cooking because its so easy & you'll want lots once you taste how good it is. I made one with chocolate & one without