Monday, December 24, 2012

The last Day til Christmas

On the last day til Christmas… it’s Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!! One of my most favourite times of the year!!!!!!! My day started at midnight when I decided to turn on all our Christmas lights, turn off the inside lights and snuggle up on thecouch  with Snuggles and watch Miracle of 34th street… my favourite Christmas movie. Christmas around here gets pretty busy so it was so nice to just sit in the quiet and stillness and soak up the Christmas season
Watching our favourite movie together 

I woke up at 8:30am, made Jeff breakfast so as to encourage him to get up and mow the lawn and did Snuggles medicines. I had heaps of egg whites left over from making ice cream so I set to work to make a Pavlova for Christmas day. I’ve never made one before but other than being a bit crumbly, it’s great!
Jeff’s Mum dropped by all of their Christmas presents plus lots of food and drinks for Christmas dinner tomorrow night at our place. I found MORE presents that needed to be wrapped and did a little food prep for later on.
Snugs with the tree

Cute ice cream cups!

Glasses ready

My pavlova 

We live opposite the local fire station and every year Santa comes out on the fire truck and drives around the local area wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. This year we decided to have a Galati party with family and friends. I made gelato and we sat around chatting and enjoying other yummy treats. We also made a Watermelon, mint, strawberry and lime frappe type mocktail! It was a great afternoon and way more people showed up than I expected! Aunty Jeanette is evil and bought Jeff Silly String which he had a great afternoon with! He also had stacks of water bombs to throw at the fire truck as it came by.


Our mocktail 

Snuggles enjoying lots of cuddles

Aaron attacking me with silly string 

Photo of the day - Tradition, Santa on the fire truck 


In the evening we had dinner with Jeff’s parents, brother and sister and waited and watched to see if Misty would have her puppies. Still no puppies!
Dinner with Jeff's family

Photos under the tree

The last day til Christmas was fun and laughed filled and very busy! I have STACKS more photos from today so keep an eye out on my facebook!

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