Monday, December 17, 2012

The 8th Day til Christmas

On the 8th Day til Christmas I shopped all day, all day long. Over 6 hours to be exact. First we took my Nana to an eye specialist appointment but after that we didn’t stop shopping until 5pm. I needed two coffees to get me through the day and we made several visits to the car!
Lunch before we started the big shop

Putting presents under the Kmart wishing tree

Last coffee after 6 hours of shopping. 

The mission was successful because we got all of our Christmas shopping finished and now it just needs to be wrapped. In fact Mum shopped so much that her credit card company froze her card because she made so many transactions. Luckily that was near the end of the day and a quick phone call to the credit card company had it all sorted!
Photo of the day was Something on the floor - shopping and tired feet!

Eventually we made it home and had chips for dinner at Mum and Dad’s place. I was more than happy with not having to cook dinner after such a long day.

Chippies for tea

Dinner at Mum and Dads 

After the 8th day, I’m all shopped out!

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